Are you one of those students, who are working on their dissertations? If you are, then it is time to revisit the most important dissertation writing tips. First, you should know that dissertation writing is one of the greatest challenges you may ever face. You may think that, as your graduation is coming closer, you will feel much easier and better. Hardly ever so. Instead, you will have to carry a huge burden of responsibility for finishing your dissertation on time. I am lucky to say that my dissertation writing days are in the past. However, I will never be able to forget the problems I was experiencing back then. It was a 12,000-word torture, which was tearing me into pieces like a tumor growing inside my brain. The task was to explore the cultural traditions of some remote nationalities living in Iceland, and did not think I could ever accomplish that.


Of course, one of the first things I did was reading the Undergraduate Recommendations for Dissertation Writing. However, what I saw in that book made me feel even sadder and more devastated than I could have imagined. Now I want to share some of the lessons I have learned with you, so that you can avoid doing my mistakes.

  1. Choose your dissertation supervisor thoroughly. If you do not like him or her, choose another one before it is too late. I can say that I had a wonderful experience with my supervisor, and I really value the input she provided as I was working on my tasks. It does not really matter if your supervisor has any experience with your topic. What matters is that you have a kind of touch and can access and ask questions whenever you need.
  2. If you ever tell your friends or family that you are writing a dissertation, they will certainly be interested in discussing your topic. However, they typically expect you to explore some glorious part of our history or measure the effects of some election results on the public. They mostly will not like or understand if you are exploring the cultural heritage of some remote tribes, whose names they do not even know. So do not try to impress them. Just keep going with your own work.
  3. If your friends and family ask questions about your dissertation, they do not necessarily want to hear they answer. Quite possible is that they want to be polite.
  4. Do not ask those who writing a dissertation how far they have already gone. They will hardly like it.
  5. It is certainly possible that at some point of your dissertation you will feel like crazy. You will think that you’d better die than keep writing. However, do not try to rewrite everything from scratch. Besides, if your supervisor says that you are ok, feel free to move in the same direction.
  6. Everything you do as part of your dissertation project will eventually translate into a brilliant academic result. You will remember how much time you spent collecting your sources, and they will pay back!
  7. Now it is time to print everything you have written. You will never see as many printed pages as you do when you are working on your dissertation. You may see that it has negative effects on your budget. Be ready to face huge paper loads. This is how it all works!
  8. When you are working on your dissertation, it will impact all other activities, no matter how multitasking or professional you are. It will impact your socialization and friendships. You will simply have no time for anything beyond dissertation writing. You may find yourself being too busy for cooking or cleaning. It is normal!
  9. You no longer own your time. Your tasks and activities have become less significant than your dissertation writing. You will think only of your dissertation, and you will not have any single second without it. You will see it in your dreams. Again, it is normal! Just do not subject yourself to doubts and do not fall into oblivion. Do not delve into self-doubt. You have everything to cope with your dissertation with dignity!
  10. So, when you are reaching the finish line, you will one of the happiest people on the planet. You have gone through so many difficulties that you deserve your share of recognition. Just enjoy the result, and be proud of what you have done to become a perfect graduate!

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