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Book Review Writing

Your friends, relatives, fellow students, and other people you know or do not know will certainly want to learn your opinion about some book. You do not necessarily need to say that you loved it. Your task is to be honest and fair making judgments about the quality of book writing, its plot and subject. Remember that your readers will use the information you provide to decide if they want to read the selected book. If you do not know how to write a book review, imagine that your friend asks to provide him with a piece of advice. You need to tell your friend if it is worth reading some book.


Follow the tips below to make the whole process easier for you:

  • The first sentences of your work should describe the topic, subject, and plot of the book. Do not go into too many details. Do not retell the story. Do not tell the reader what happens in the end. Keep the atmosphere of incompleteness and create an enigmatic sense that will draw readers' attention and make them read your review.
  • Now it is time to say what you liked about the book and why. Share your feelings and impressions. Use evidence from the book to justify your decisions. Who was the character you liked the most? What was the key event that you remembered from the book? Which scenes you believe were particularly colorful? What were the brightest feelings you experienced while reading the story? Did you feel like you could not stop reading it?  
  • Now you can say if there is anything you did not like about the book. Do not forget to provide reasons. You must say why exactly you disliked the book and include textual evidence to support your claims. For example, did you wish the end of the story was more definite and clear to the reader? Did you feel that the author was not thorough enough developing some character or scene? Did you notice that the events in the story were confused? Is it that you failed to capture the hidden message of the book?
  • Summarize the key points

Wrap up your argument. Include some recommendations for the readers you believe will like the book. If you do not recommend it, state your reasons. Be clear and honest. Be fair and objective. Are there any better options for those who love reading? It is always a good idea to rank the quality of the book you have reviewed. For example, you can rank it as 6.5 out of 10. Your readers will know immediately if you like or dislike this story.

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