You are a high-school student or probably you attend college. So, you have already done a lot of different tasks from your instructors, and a commentary essay is one of them. Why is it important to learn how to do such tasks? It is a matter of crucial importance to be able to comment on a specific person, event or subject to demonstrate that you have got an insight into this issue and you can express your thoughts politely and precisely. No matter which subject you have chosen, you have to do thorough analysis of the matter and provide solid content interesting for your readers. You must have learnt the commentary essay definition and you know that although it is rather challenging, students may cope with it if they know the basic rules.

If you work on a commentary essay for the first time, you may have a lot of questions. For instance, you are not sure of the rules of writing a commentary essay and about the things to avoid. We have prepared some guidelines for you to be better aware of all peculiar features of this assignment. Online experts have applied their knowledge and experience to make their tips helpful for the students. Valuable assistance from our professional service can boost your abilities and talents in writing. Learn with us and keep upgrading your skills!

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What is a Commentary Essay? Basic Facts about Writing It

Commentary essays are also known as analytic essays. This type of writing ought to evaluate the quality and examine the positive and negative aspects of a certain text. Learn how to write commentary in an essay to do exactly what is needed: not a summary but a compilation of opinions and thoughts to make thorough analysis of the main issues. Typically, such essays may be in the form of responses to book extracts, articles, blog posts, or other pieces of writing.

A commentary ought not simply to report but to help readers understand the key aspects. Moreover, it demonstrates the depth of critical thinking and analysis of the topic in the framework of a wide social context.

What does Commentary Mean in an Essay? Top-Notch Tips from Writing Experts

Professors can enhance the skills of critical thinking in their students via giving them a variety of tasks, in particular commentary writing. Evidently, there is no universal approach to or formula for a successful commentary essay. One of the most effective ways to be better at writing is to analyze the subject deeply and present your opinions backed up with the solid arguments for or against. Also, you have to make reasonable conclusions.

Here is a list of the most essential tips on writing a commentary essay:

It is reasonable to look at some samples to get a general idea of how this essay can be composed. So, you can get an insight into organizing ideas, structuring the content, building up the thesis statement, presenting the main idea throughout the text, and adding the supporting information. You can start with looking for high-quality samples and examples related to the subject you are studying. Looking at them, you will be able to use the main idea for your own outline.

Having studied a definition of commentary in an essay and written an outline, you have to make objective judgements without mere justification of your individual viewpoint. Make sure that you coverall primary ideas and concepts. If applicable, you can use a cause-and-effect essay concept.

Grab the attention of your readers from the very beginning of your essay. You have to make them enthusiastic about reading more. It is ok to include an exciting story or statistics which they do not expect.

Try to present your position reasonably. Your readers are not your enemies or opponents. Instead, think of them as if they were your co-thinkers even if their view of the subject matter could differ from yours.

Being objective is different from showing no viewpoint at all.

Review and revise your draft with due care. If you notice that there are some omissions or mistakes, make sure that you make corrections in a proper way.

Learn all the details about the commentary essay format and basic rules of composing it. Do not forget to apply your theoretical knowledge to your writing. With our expert tips in mind, you will be ready for writing. However, if the assignment still looks complicated, you are welcome to contact our managers and get practical help with writing. Feel free to ask questions. We will give you the most efficient solutions and try to address your specific academic issues.

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Outlining a Commentary Essay

Without an outline, your writing may be a bit rough and non-structured. Neglecting this important part of essay writing, you will repeat the mistake of many students. Review the structure of an original article and create a list with bullet points. Double check whether every point is relevant to the source you use and your future text. The structure of the outline has to correspond to the structure of the essay itself: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Let us look at the template of a commentary essay structure.

1. Introduction

Wondering how to start a commentary essay, you have to pay special attention to adding a hook to the introductory part. With a clear hook, you will be able to excite the readers’ attention. The main idea is to be in a thesis statement. It ought not to contain any summary, but a general idea of what the article is about. Excessively long or short thesis statements are not effective. So, one оr two sentences is a perfect length. If your thesis statement is specific, precise, and up to the point, your readers will appreciate this. Quotes in the introduction are fine, but the source is to be cited accordingly.

2. Body Paragraphs

There are several paragraphs in the essay body. What is the commentary in an essay and how do I have to write it in a proper way? Our customers usually ask these questions and we recommend including a topic sentence, evidence with supporting details, and concise explanations in every paragraph. The language has to be simple and clear.
Give all the arguments to show a general attitude to the subject and then present the opposite opinion. Think about several good arguments-confirmations.

3. Conclusion

Tie up everything you have written in the final paragraph of your essay. Summarize your arguments and refer to the thesis statement again. Make notice of the evidence and highlight why the work is relevant and logical.

You ought not to use any other references except for the one you analyze. It will be enough to cite the original source and use your own words to illustrate your viewpoints. As you see, there is no need to add a reference page at the end.

A commentary essay does not require any other sources except the article under analysis itself. However, it is not so easy to work on this task. Nevertheless, you can do the writing well if you have sufficient knowledge and professional commentary essay help. Follow our recommendations and ask us for practical assistance if you cannot cope with the task by yourself.

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