Art and Design Reflection Paper

Nowadays, art has deeply ingrained in the modern culture. It fully interferes with all spheres of human life, namely cultural, social, and historical. The one who gains relevant knowledge in art can perceive the world differently since the way of understanding the beauty changes completely. That is why art has become one of the important elements of human life. More and more people start learning art in college or university. I am not an exception. However, my personal treatment of art has undergone a lot of changes. Thus, my first and the current impressions of art differ to some extent. The art has considerably affected my way of world perception.

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The first and the most important change I have experienced due to the class is the boost of my ability to communicate visually. Basically, visual communication is something more than just observation. It presupposes understanding the idea through a visual aid (University of Notre Dame). It relies on the visual perception of the masterpiece. The most important fact is that visual communication depends not on the individuals’ understanding but on the audience’s one.

Since every individual perceives beauty differently, there is no strict measure of beauty. Consequently, I started investigating every piece of art with reference to how the audience understands of it. In such a way, I have become more visually literal. I realized one key point which follows the idea that the perception of art is quite complex. It should be treated from different perspectives. Many individuals treat art differently. Some pay attention to colours while others analyze the deep meaning of the painting. That is why every element is important in understanding art.

Basically, the overall result is not just a perfect picture. It consists of the combination of tones, structures, shapes, and perspectives. During the class, we covered each element separately in order to understand the art in depth. The vivid example may be the understanding of the role of tone in art. It is one of the most important elements comprising the masterpiece. One may admit that finding a correct tone is not an easy thing. Notably, one color in a certain position may seem brighter or darker, which in turn may enhance the quality of picture or spoil it respectively. According to the master of color Henri Matisse, he finds his masterpieces a living harmony only in case he combines the right tones.

Frankly speaking, art class also changed my understanding of the position of art in my life. Previously, it was absolutely unknown matter for me. The only thing that I understood was that a picture was a masterpiece of some famous artist. Moreover, I usually had an idea that high art was difficult to understand. However, everything changed after the class. Now, I see the art as a complex notion that can be easy to understand. The only thing that matters is knowledge. Knowledge of art enables one to perceive it as a hard work that presupposes a lot of efforts. However, the result of the work is just marvelous.

I realized that learning how to draw is not enough to be an artist. The artist is a person who matches the tones and perspectives and sees the final result in his/her imagination. What is more, the artist even thinks about possible impression the picture may have on the viewer. That is why, having understood these facts, I began appreciating art and artists respectively. I started spending more time evaluating masterpieces and analyzing the overall impact they have on people. Art became one of the most important elements of my personal development. The broadened knowledge of art made me feel more confident and educated as well.

While taking a course, I was able to notice a break-through moment in my perception of the art. Previously, I never paid attention to the painting elements at all. Personally, I believed that small details were used just to make the picture fulfilled. However, after the course, I learned that details are the basic components that convey the context of the picture. For example, while analyzing Edouard Manet’s panting Lunch on the Grass, I understood the role of details (Musee d’Orsay). The picture illustrates two men and one woman on the grass. All of them are communicating with each other. When I observed the painting, the first thing that caught my attention was clothes. Both men were dressed, while the woman was nude. It may have various meanings. The first one is the fact that the painter wanted to show the beauty of the female body. The body is depicted in a tender as well as smooth way. The second meaning is the position of men in the society. It seems that men have more power and they look respectable. At the same time, female character looks secondary. In other words, male characters catch more attention while looking at the painting. These aspects may suggest the role of women in the society. On the one hand, they are adorable creatures. On the other hand, they play inferior role in the society. Actually, after making such a conclusion, I was surprised that the mentioned ideas had come to my mind. It means that art course changed my understanding of the painting’s context. Previously, my treatment of the painting was negative. However, now, I have relevant knowledge to treat the art correctly.

Apart from changing my perception of art, the course has taught me to notice the human identity. Every painter is an individual. He/she represents some values and characteristics which convey the basic meaning of the painting and have a unique context. Furthermore, the artist is a representative of a certain community as well as the country. That is why he/she deliberately reflects country’s culture and identity in the works. The art masterpieces remain the country’s heritage representing the uniqueness of its community. However, art can shape not only cultural identity but also the individual one. Any kind of work presupposes illustration of human creativity or in other words, the way the person perceives the world and its constituent parts. Art forms of personal ideas, thoughts, and even personal characteristics. Art helps to shape a personal identity of the artist as well as the viewer since it has a visual impact on both. It evokes certain feelings and emotions. In such a way, some aspects of personal identity are created. That is why art also performs an educational function. It forms individuals and their way of perceiving the world respectively.

One more important issue that should be mentioned is a historical perspective of art. I should admit that art represents historical background of the country of the artist. It is vital to understand the significance of history in art. While analyzing a particular painting, the viewer can learn a lot about the historical period in which the masterpiece was created. Moreover, the viewer may learn in what condition the artists created the pictures. That is why one can analyze not only the painting but also the surroundings in which it was painted.

Art courses presuppose dealing with theoretical material about the fundamental art aspects as well as investigation of the life of the artists. I have learned from the course that most of the artists had difficulties in becoming famous. For example, Edouard Manet underwent a lot of criticism before becoming a famous painter. Moreover, even today, his works are criticized by those who consider them as a common art. It seems that artists have to develop a strong feeling of confidence in order not to give up and continue working. That is why with the help of art it is possible to get information about the past and artists’ background respectively.

Art is one of the fields that enable individual to express their identity. It is a way to show one’s inner world and understanding of the outer one. Consequently, many students are satisfied with the course because it helps them to realize themselves. They find the support and understanding there. I believe that it is the biggest value of art – to help individuals open their hearts. Art is the way to illustrate one’s ideas and learn about other people’s thoughts.

In conclusion, art is an integral element of cultural life. It represents the world of beauty and the way people perceive it. That is why art classes are of high value and importance. They provide significant information about fundamental aspects of art including tones, shapes, and structures. Apart from this, the art teaches one how to realize the identity and never lose it. It has changed my visual communication. I started to understand the art as a complex unit which needs simplicity to perceive it. That is why art has a huge impact on the development of the individual. It has changed my personal understanding of art completely.

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