Sacrifice and Success

Success is actually not an easy thing; it comes through sacrifice and determination. Many people who we see out these in big positions or doing great things must have achieved their dreams due to sacrifice and determination. Nevertheless, I am not an exception, even though I have not reached that far, I believe I’m where I am because I was able to forgo some things in order to reach my achievements.

My dream all along since childhood has been to reach the highest attainable level of education. Truly speaking, my family is not that well off and my education path has encountered several difficulties. It has taken a lot of sacrifices for me to reach where I am.

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The sacrifice that I am talking about has actually been done in several ways. First, it started with my parents. My father works with a company known as Strought Enterprises. The job does not pay well and my father has for gone several things in order to be able to pay my school fees. My childhood life was very difficult because I never enjoyed life the way children from other families did. This is because the money that could have been used in doing things that could make us enjoy ourselves were almost all diverted to cater for my educational needs.

Having the situation in my mind, I was actually forced to do anything possible that could get us out of that kind of life. I was prompted to work hard and give my education the best, since besides encouragements from my parents; I only saw that as the key to success and say goodbye to poverty.

After looking around and saw no possible solution to our problems, my parents together with I decided to ignore or sacrifice all the other things and invest in my education, that is, the goal was to work hard to reach university, because there at least I was assured of getting a good job.

While I was in primary school, I studied hard with the intentions or goal of qualifying to high school. It is sad that I did not make any friends while I was young because I dedicated all my time to my education. I did not have even the time to go and play with my age mates or our neighbors. This is because I did not just want to compare myself with them and assume we were in the same level. Although I experienced tough life while I was in high school, the toughest part of my educational life was in high school.

After completing my primary school education, as a result of hard work and perseverance, I qualified to high school and my parents struggled very hard to ensure that I got the chance of continuing my education.

High school was like the determinant or decider of my life because I knew that if I performed well, I would get the chance of joining university. As we all know, joining university or collage is the best thing that anyone would wish to, since there you are respected and exposed to opportunities.

While I was in high school, here is where I was forced to for go several things. First, sleeping was not part of my life. Not because I was created abnormally but because I could not afford to sleep while we were languishing in poverty, moreover my parents had invested in my education, thus implying that I was the one holding the key to successful life and it was my responsibility to take them to the ‘Promised Land’.

I used to sleep for about two hours, the rest of the time I was in school and if not, I was in my room just studying; you can just imagine how hard it is to see a well prepared bed next to you but you cannot lie on it because you just feel like you are making a mistake. I could only sleep when I felt extremely exhausted and could absorb in no more or ideas or information. Even my parents used to sympathize with me but there is nothing they could do because I was the one who made the decision to live that kind of life, since I was one hundred percent sure that my efforts would pay off.

We had a television in our house but if someone could ask me, ‘What program are we watching today? He or she would laugh at me because my answer definitely would ‘I don’t know’. What do I mean? I did not even have the time to sit down and watch television like my parent together with my younger sister or even other people in order to get updated about the happenings in the nation as well as in the world.

Even while I was in school, the trend was just the same. I could not afford the time to go for break like my fellow students. You can imagine how difficult it is to live that kind of life whereby you don’t even have time to socialize with fellow students, some of them even laughed at me but I just took heard because I knew what I wanted, since I had weighed between the risks that I was taking and the possible benefits, and found that the benefits that would come from the sacrifice would outweigh the risks.

Truly speaking, my sacrifice actually paid off and I was always among the top students in each assessment. The trend continued until the final exam. In the final, I managed to score good grads that propelled me to the university where I am right now. I still believe in sacrifice and am willing to even do it more for the purpose of succeeding in life since I have done it before and succeeded.

In life we are normally faced with choices, an easy or tough way. We usually know that the tough way might have big rewards, but will it work really? That is a very fundamental question. Will the advantages overshadow the danger? It has an equally significant answer, (you will never know until you go for it).

In another instance just talking about personal life, I recently got an opportunity on morning while living in California. The biggest problem was that the opportunity was in the UK, but it was an incredible opportunity! I would have to fly to the UK within five days and did not have any idea whether or not the cost and danger involve would be fruitful! After discussing with my mother, we asked ourselves that same question: “Would the benefits overshadow the danger? The answer is that we will never know until we go for it. The following day I went and secured my air ticket and three days later flew to the UK where I stayed for four nights and then flew back to California. Was it fruitful? It certainly did! I managed to get three job offers from just that one trip.

How far are you willing to go to succeed? Are you willing to change or even to change your lifestyle? Are you willing to evaluate yourself and try to find your points of weakness? Do you want to take your dreams to the next level? Actually, anything worth having in life is worth struggling or fighting for. I am absolutely distancing myself from talking about the knocking of other people out of the way so that you can literally climb on them. You have to focus on you, not others.

Immediately you start putting your focus on others, competition starts, and as we all know, success is not a competition. If you come to find that you can work better in a competitive way, then it is advisable to set harsh deadlines for you to be able to achieve your own objectives and compete with yourself. That is indeed what I do! The only time that it becomes essential to focus on others is when you are networking or forming business alliances. I believe that by facilitating others’ success, I also succeed.

It should be noted that I didn’t just call this blog ‘success and sacrifice’. It doesn’t work like that; you first sacrifice and then success comes later. By talking about sacrifice, I mean buying training materials, books, audio books or even going to the library if you wish to buy material. Nevertheless, it takes sacrifice to listen to the audio books on how to work during morning instead of your best playlist on your iPod. It also takes sacrifice to read a book on research instead of sitting down to watch your best program on T.V. However, great sacrifice is greatly rewarded. If you want to sacrifice a little, you will start seeing some developments in your life, but if you sacrifice a lot, you will see huge changes in your life.

The action itself normally speaks wonders to those who watch in from outside. Another question is: Would I have regretted my actions if it wasn’t fruitful? The answer is no! I find it essential to learn from each possible circumstance! I actually went for it, I offered it my best shot, and it was fruitful! It will not always be fruitful, but it is good to roll with the punches, recollect yourself and get moving.

It is exceptionally easy to start at home business nowadays. There are several Multi-level Marketing opportunities you are assured of finding something you enjoy. However, it is not easy to succeed with your home business. Take the first step and begin, and the sacrifice your time in a consistent and smart manner so that you can be able to see unbelievable or even remarkable success.

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