From time to time, students at various colleges are asked to write about intangible things that they think really exist. And that’s when learners start searching the Internet for viable “this I believe essay ideas.” It is advisable to keep in mind that one does not necessarily need to be a strong believer to write about the chosen idea. More so, the instructor does not expect you to write about personal religious beliefs. It can be anything starting from true love and to the power of thoughts. There are no restrictions.

For example, one may talk about the existence of a true friendship between a man and a woman or the Pareto principle. In other words, your beliefs may be supported by someone authoritative and based on scientific research. Alternatively, the ideas may be deeply personal, rooted in family traditions and have nothing in common with science. It’s totally up to you.

On this page you will find 35 this I believe essay ideas. Check out the list below. Don’t be afraid to ask our experienced writers for help in case you feel really puzzled.

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Here is a list of 35 “I believe essay topics” to aid you in writing your essay.

When choosing from the list of I believe essay topics, mind that you will need to provide a good explanation of why you think something really exists or works. Do not opt for the theme that you cannot support with relevant explanations. Otherwise, you will sound groundless and the audience will not trust that the paper does reflect your beliefs.

Also, one should not forget about the standard essay structure when working on this assignment. Even though I believe topics are truly personal, the paper should meet the standards of academic writing. Make sure that each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence with a central idea. Students tend to overlook this good rule.

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I Believe Essay Topics

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