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I Believe Essay Topics

If you have been assigned to compose an essay on one of the “I believe essay topics”, then you are expected to dwell on something that you do really believe in. The following topic should not be related to religious beliefs as the majority of the students mistakenly consider. You may write about whatever occurs to your mind.

For instance, you may write about true love and prove that it does exist nowadays. Alternatively, you may dwell on anything that does not exist in reality. You can utilize the beliefs of your own. Besides, your piece of writing can be based on scientific research, where you may support your scientific ideas with clear references to experts’ opinions.

Here is a possible list of a few “I believe essay topics” for you writing your essay.

  • I do believe in the future
  • I believe in leaving “my zone of comfort “
  • I believe in true love
  • I believe that laziness is a key driver of progress
  • I believe in dreams
  • I believe in hope and dreams realization
  • I believe I am a unique person
  • I believe in fate and destiny
  • I believe in real friendship
  • I believe time is able to cure any pain and sufferings
  • I believe life is the best present that our parents could ever make to us
  • I believe in my family and my parents
  • I believe in the power and symbolism of specific words and phrases
  • I believe in the truth regarding “being unique”
  • I believe that better days will come in the future
  • I believe in universal powers
  • I believe in the traditions followed in my family
  • I believe in commitment to work
  • I believe in real connection among people
  • I believe that responsibility is capable of saving lives of people
  • I believe in the power of science
  • I believe in true passion
  • I believe I could become the president
  • I believe in happy life
  • I believe there is life on other planets
  • I believe in our returning to nature
  • I believe in person’s inner strengths
  • I believe that tomorrow could become a better day
  • I believe humankind should seek the life in the endless universe
  • I believe there is life after death
  • I believe that our memories can inspire us
  • I believe there is always the binary opposition in our life
  • I believe that any person can make our world better
  • I believe that God exists
  • I believe that with time, my weaknesses can become my strengths

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I Believe Essay Topics

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