Memos are a part of everyday communication in the office environment. This brief note written in formal style is used to inform the colleagues or authorities about something or remind about an upcoming event. Even though nowadays memorandums are widely replaced by emails and other means of addressing, they still constitute a big part of business communication. In order to write good memos, one needs to understand memo meaning in general.


Memo: The Purpose

The main aim of any memo writing assignment is to ensure a quick and effective delivery of a message to an addressee. As a rule, such pieces of writing inform individuals about changes in company’s policy, planned meetings, current issues and tasks, etc. Memos can also call for action, asking the addressee to provide explanations, come to a meeting, offer solutions, etc. Here are the main types of memos:

Depending on the occasion, particular situation and company, there may be many other types of memo, but the memo meaning in general is universal for all the types. Your piece of writing can be addressed to the company’s clients, partners, your colleagues, authorities, etc. In each case, you will need to consider the recipient’s position and knowledge of the company’s functioning to formulate the message effectively. However, regardless of the specific situation, your memorandum should be brief and contain only the key information.

How to Write a Memo? Expert Hints

If you work in a company where written formal communication is an important part of the work process, you are probably looking to answer the question: “how to write a memo effectively?” The main thing you need to remember while working on this type of writing is that it should be as concise as possible. Your memo should convey a clear message with all the necessary details and no unrelated information.

To write an effective memorandum, you need to focus on your main idea and write only the most essential information about it. Besides, you should sound confident and professional. Use formal language and official communication tools. Make sure that the memo meaning is comprehensible and easily readable.

In addition, consider using the following suggestions while composing your memo:

  1. Challenge yourself to use the smallest number of words possible. You need to literally limit the word count, because every word that is out of the context or is unnecessary decreases the chances of your message being clear. Most likely, the recipient will quickly browse the memorandum, so make sure it is as concise as it can be and will not waste a minute of their time.
  2. Avoid using specific terminology and complex sentences. Remember that the target readers are not supposed to decode your message: they should be able to see it right away. Thus, formulate your ideas clearly and simply, excluding all the overly sophisticated structures in your language.
  3. Come up with a catchy heading. It should be short and informative. A successful heading is the one that stays in the recipient’s head and helps them memorize the main message. After all, the word “memorandum” is directly related to memorizing.
  4. Proofread it carefully. Since memos contain very little information and a limited number of words, any typos or mistakes in it are unacceptable. First, the errors will make your message look not professional enough, and second, they may distort the facts and fail to effectively inform the recipient about the needed information. Thus, once your memo is ready, make sure to read it through and check every word manually.

How you can make your memo more engaging

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