Defining the Nature of a White Paper

Before you find out how to write a white paper, you should clearly understand what a white paper is and what makes it different from other documents. Well, a while paper is an effective marketing instrument that has been actively used in B2B business organizations for many years. Initially, such a document was written in order to provide a board of directors with description of a particular problem. Nowadays, it performs many other functions including advertising different products or services. What is more, a white paper aims to explain why a particular vendor suggests the most cost-effective solution to a particular problem. For instance, a white paper can be written on the topic “What makes the spam so dangerous?” As it is obvious from the topic, the paper will explain the potential threats and dangers of receiving or sending spam. It does not mean that the paper will surely suggest an effective solution, but it will definitely make an attempt to explore the topic in detail. Noteworthy, a white paper should not be confused with a sales pitch because the main purpose of the white paper is not to sell the product or service but provide the target audience with the data proving the benefits of this service or product.

As for the common format of the white paper, nowadays, this paper is often written in PDF. Unfortunately, it sometimes leads to confusion because it is often mistaken for an e-book. However, in comparison with the e-book, a white paper rarely covers more than one topic.

How to Write an Impeccable White Paper? Following Some Simple Steps

  1. Choose the right topic. First of all, you need to come up with a good topic that will inform your reader of what information can be obtained from your paper. If your topic does not seem interesting to your reader, most probably, you will fail your task. Therefore, you need to do your best to make your topic informative and intriguing;
  2. Create an abstract. An abstract usually serves as a brief summary of your paper, which covers its most important points. After reading your abstract, the readers should clearly understand if your subject fits their research interests;
  3. State a problem. As it was already mentioned, a white paper aims to solve some problem in the most efficient way. For this purpose, you need to indicate your research problem in a pretty clear and concise manner;
  4. Provide your readers with credible background information. Providing your reader with background information is a must if you want to make them follow your arguments;
  5. Include discussion. This section of your white paper is the part in which the actual analysis is provided. As such, if you are writing your white paper on a specific service or policy, make sure to discuss it in detail. In this part, you need to include direct citations proving your words;
  6. Suggest a solution. Every discussion should end up with finding a good solution. If you want to impress your audience by a professional approach, your solution should be clear and accurate. Before suggesting a solution, make sure to summarize the key points mentioned in the previous parts of your paper;
  7. Prepare a reference list. In academic writing, plagiarism is strictly punished. Therefore, we highly recommend you to include all academic sources used in your paper into your reference list.
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Common White Paper Writing Suggestions

If you want to turn the process of writing a white paper into an interesting activity, you need to follow some tips and suggestions mentioned below:

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