Work experience is an experience that one gains while working in a particular occupation. It gives a person an exposure to workplace, knowledge, and skills to learn about the industry or occupation. Personal experience is realized by observing others doing their work, or a combination of doing and watching. Additionally, work experience gives an opening to develop future career networks. Moreover, it can be either be paid or unpaid depending on workplace policies. It is essential to a person’s future as it provides an employment opportunity, understanding of work skills, an opportunity to demonstrate reliability and commitment, and confidence to master and learn new skills. The paper will discuss my work experiences and current job.

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Last semester I worked as a Human Resource assistant in my college. This position opened me to a wide range of opportunities and made me understand the following roles of Human resource assistant. First, I came to know college assistant maintain work structure and update the job description. Secondly, I learnt how payment plan is maintained by conducting periodic pay surveys, conducting job evaluation, preparing pay budgets, and hearing and resolving workers’ grievances. Additionally, I came to realize the significance of conducting and establishing training and orientation program for college employees.
Currently, am working as an Information System manager in the same college. Have also enrolled for a higher diploma in Information System. As a result, I do not have much time to work because of too many classes. Additionally, my current job calls for commitment because effective running of the college depends on the nature and efficient of installed computer systems. Therefore, have to ensure back up systems are in good condition and operate efficiently. Moreover, I contribute towards the development of organisation policies regarding strategic planning and quality standards as I possess experience after working as an assistant.