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How to Write an Enduring Issues Essay

August 27, 2019

All students must know how to write an enduring issues essay. Read our recommendations and guidelines to improve the quality of your academic work.

How to Improve Your Enduring Issues Essay Writing

Recommendations and guidelines to improve the quality of your enduring issues essay

Tip #1: Choosing an Ensuring Issue and Creating a Thesis Statement

One of the first things to do is choosing an enduring issue you want to analyze in your paper. Choose an issue that is well-researched. This way, you will find enough evidence to support your position. Find at least three credible documents related to the enduring issue of your choice. Scan them and isolate the most important information. Use it to develop a thesis statement.

You cannot write a perfect enduring issues essay if you do not create a compelling thesis. It is strongly advisable that you write your essay as an argumentative paper. Your thesis should become the last sentence of the introduction. Review the examples below to formulate a thesis related to your chosen enduring issue:

  1. The enduring issue of hunger and poverty affects millions of people on the planet, and only a collective policy effort can relieve the burden of hunger and resource scarcity facing humans.
  2. Radicalism and religiosity have always been the two ensuring issues for people, and the 21st century should become the time of appropriate solutions, to protect the lives of people and create a space for continuous development into the future.
  3. Human trafficking is an enduring issue that affects men and women alike, and countries of the world should unite around the goals of human rights protection and welfare promotion to give as many people as possible a chance to avoid the chains of imprisonment.

Please remember that you can choose among numerous enduring issues. You can also consider nested issues. In either case, you will need to provide compelling evidence that the issue is significant and deserves attention. You will need to explain how the issue of your choice has endured across time and space. For instance, human trafficking probably existed for centuries and took different forms. However, it is not until the beginning of the 21st century that it became a matter of global concern. How did it happen? You will need to write it in your enduring issues essay.

 Tip #2: Gather Information from Multiple Sources

How to write an enduring issues essay? You will need to collect extensive information from outside sources. You will need to scan dozens of documents to support your thesis statement and defend your position. Make sure that you have a lot of relevant information from multiple sources. Incorporate it into your argument. Otherwise, it will be weak and inconclusive. Anything will work. For example, you may want to scan historic documents that illustrate the patterns of gender relationships and marital unions leading to human trafficking. You may also want to locate historical documents, which highlight the changing perceptions of religiosity and radicalism in society. Do not reiterate obvious things! Your teachers are not stupid. They want to see how you use your analytical mind to produce a powerful enduring issues essay!

Tip #3:  Bringing Together Analysis, Argumentation, and Impact

As you look at an enduring issues essay example, you will remember your parents or your teachers telling you that quality is more important than quantity. However, when it comes to an enduring issues essay, both quality and quantity play a role. You will need to collect extensive evidence. However, you will need to be sure that this evidence is of unquestionably high quality. Do not hesitate to include valuable details! Provide insights into the nature and complexity of the enduring issue you are considering in your work. For example, if you decide to discuss the human trafficking issue mentioned above, you can follow two different pathways.

  • Human trafficking has been an issue for decades and centuries; cases of rights violations were registered across the world.

This looks like two sentences, obviously well formulated to express the main idea of your enduring issues essay. However, they are not enough to present a compelling and engaging argument. They do not create a context for analysis and argumentation. They simply state some simple truth. Instead, you should expand on these two sentences and incorporate evidence from outside sources. The result is this:

  • Human trafficking represents a cluster of factors that expose individuals to the risks of health damage and human rights violations. According to Document 1, human trafficking was an issue during ancient times. Although it was not the only way for ruling parties to exert their influence on incumbents, it was a prevalent instrument exercised by people of power to achieve their mercenary goals. The Declaration of Human Rights creates a context for the analysis of human trafficking and associated violations. The beginning of the 21st century signifies a new era in human struggles to reduce the number of people who suffer from human rights violations.

In this answer, you see evidence from other sources. It also speaks about how the issue evolved over time.

Tip #4: Analysis Is More Important than Summary

As you have noticed, in your enduring issues essay you will need to show how the issue has persisted across centuries. You will also need to provide evidence of its impacts on people. Here, you may also want to discuss how people changed the progress of the issue or tried to resolve it in the past. This is why it is so important to analyze rather than summarize external information. Your paragraphs should have a topic sentence each and they should all be linked to the central enduring issue. Want to know how to write an enduring issues essay? Do not just summarize the information. A simple summary will earn you nothing but C. Be critical. Analyze information. Share the results of your analysis with the audience. Do not conceal facts, but be cautious when you present information from multiple sources, particularly if it is contradictory.

Enduring Issues Essay Example

Operation Enduring Freedom

It is all over in the international domain that terrorism is an international evil that every conscious human being should be involved in fighting against. With the desire to combat national and international tourism, the government of United States embarked on a policy to combat terrorism at all cost. This is what necessitated the Operation Enduring Freedom in which the military ventured to the Afghanistan to fight the militia that was the genesis of terrorism. In particular the terrorist antagonist targeted the United States and her international allies. The point of change of policy for the United States was the attacks carried out in East African on American embassies in 1998 and the sparking incident was the September 11 Attacks.

This calls for a national wide and international support of the Operation Enduring Freedom which is purposely aimed at taming the source of international terrorism. The main reason for such support is to keep the government focused on fighting one enemy outside the United States boundaries. This will consolidate the efforts of the state and the troops to win the war without fighting an enemy within the boundaries of United States. In fighting against terrorism, the United States is fighting for the freedom of the all the citizens of the great country but also for the freedom of all people worldwide.

The global war on terror is led by the United States against an enemy with no field of attack and with no defined borders, meaning that the enemy, the terrorist can be within us.We should all support the government in the fight against terrorism through the success of Operation Enduring Freedom.  This is therefore a war for all Americans to fight against by supporting the operation that is aimed at defending the freedom that was won and passed to us by our forefathers who founded this great nation.

If you want to know the secret of successful writing, it is simple, and it is here: analyze, analyze, analyze. Do not summarize.

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