My Career Goals Essay

It has always been a lifelong dream for me to complete my undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Medical imaging. Medical imaging for those of us who might not have heard of it is an area within the medical arena that deals with the assessment and diagnosis of injury and ailments through the direct transmission of radiation especially X-rays. Currently a radiographer in the US military, I believe my dream is within an enviable reach. Characterized by certain career goals, gaining knowledge in the field of information technology coupled with dynamic changes in technology especially the Web 2.0 application technology has enhanced my ever rising ambitions of what has become a-must-realize-dream.

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Certain dreams and career path goals that have ultimately shaped up my quest for this realization are listed herein. One of those goals was to be a leading professional in this area of the medical field. Achieving success has characterized my desires to be the best in as far this field of medical imaging services is concerned. With this I will be able to have attained the personal satisfaction which I have a high craving for. Secondly, I have nursed a dream for far too long to offer my services to my fellow army members who for various reasons might have required such services. Driven by the plights suffered by my fellow army men, who actually fight so hard to guard our status as a world leading country, I decided to find a way to contribute to their hard work. Therefore, providing my medical Imaging services to them would ultimately be a contribution to their efforts and to the country at large. Apart from the military, my goal is to serve the community as a whole in the later stages of my life. This to me is like giving back to the community that played a big part in making me who I actually am today. Many people within the vast American population have at many instances suffered ailments that might have required such technological services. However, due to the high costs involved many have had to suffer in silence.

By organizing programs like free medical services to people who need them, I believe I will be giving back to the community. Another ambition that I hold so dearly is that of inventing another method of radiography that would be of a higher quality and available to the ordinary citizens. This would be a possibility once I attain the higher levels of education in as far as this field is concerned and considering the fact that this field of medicine has increasingly become dynamic. New inventions are therefore highly likely to gain ground as long as they are tailored to meet the ever changing complexities in the diseases experienced. Considering research has proven in many ways that repeated long exposure of human bodies to X-rays is very harmful, it would in my best interest to try and identify other ways of generating the sources of diseases or even injuries within the military camp and the country at large other than exposure to the harmful radioactive X-rays.

Lastly I would want to learn. The field of radiography is so wide and other important life lessons other than the medicinal part would be garnered. Some of these lessons that I believe will come as supplements include improved critical thinking, ability to easily solve problems and mastering of leadership skills. Apart from those, I believe my inter personal and communication skills will be enhanced as well as relationship with other people as I will strive to establish rapports with my patients. Information technology has been an essential part of the realization of some of my goals. For instance, it has helped me to clearly interpret ailments when I run tests through them. Information technology helps one to clearly interpret any information that is presented to them. In radiography for instance, the information that is used is generated through photographs. ‘One need to have an in depth understanding of what the information presented contains and how it can be used in the treatment of the ailment. Information technology is basically the cornerstone of medical imaging. It has helped to attain my goal of improving on my interpersonal skills of interpretation’.

Advances in technology have led to a widespread easing the practices that people are involved in especially in the medical field. One of such advancements is the invention of the Web 2.0 technology is that it has led to the creation of a global space. The effects of this fast growing technology are being felt in a rather faster way too. Since this site allows for the interaction and collaboration of its users through socially generated media, globalization is the only ending that we can think of. Telemedicine services could be induced to curb the effects of drug shortages.

Services offered by this technology include wikis (an application that allows the information provided to be edited. In this way additional important Information on medical imaging can be included), audio blogging and podcasts (being recorded talks and lectures, podcasts are quickly shaping the idea of information dissemination and this could influence certain goals such as working in certain countries that have better services) and lastly it has increased instances of multimedia sharing and social networking. Through these two for a people all over the world can easily exchange info through video, photographs and even podcasts. Sharing of links are also viable channels. These ultimately shape up certain institutional goals for instance to be the leader’s in as far as medical imaging is concerned. All the important information shared could be used by anyone to achieve success.

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