Before you start writing your explanatory essay, you need to study its definition. Below, you will find all necessary information that will help you understand what an explanatory essay is and how to impress your tutor by a well-written piece of writing. The essential feature of the exploratory essay assumes that the writer cannot be biased. Unlike a persuasive essay that requires taking a certain position and supporting it, an explanatory essay should present an objective analysis of a particular topic or subject. As such, all explanatory essays are written from the neutral point of view and present an unbiased analysis that allows the reader to choose a specific side based on the well-structured arguments. So, if the deadline is approaching and you have no idea how to start an explanatory essay, familiarize yourself with our guideline and you will learn how to create an incredible masterpiece that will bring you the anticipated result.

How to Write an Outstanding Explanatory Essay?

What Is an Explanatory Essay?

An explanatory essay is an academic paper where the author presents an objective analysis of a particular issue, event, subject, or policy. At the same time, the writer should not simply agree or disagree with it. The writer should present in-depth research that will help the reader make a conclusion based on solid arguments and facts. Very often, explanatory essays are written to report on a certain situation or event. Thus, they are very popular in journalism, where people should explore different situations and facts based on unbiased explanations. Basically, in your explanatory essay, you need to analyze the result that occurred and explain what were its causes.

As a writer, you will need to select a good topic and approach a specific issue from a particular angle. This angle should provide you with a room for discussion. Therefore, we recommend you to select the topic that will be neither too broad nor too narrow. The main mistake of many students writing an explanatory essay is that they choose one side in a discussion and support it criticizing the opposite view. Instead of this approach, a good way to develop your explanatory essay is analyzing your topic from the neutral point. To put it simply, the overall purpose of such an essay is to clear up any confusion about the topic to provide your audience with the maximally objective information.

Explanatory Essay Outline

If you want to reach success in your educational institution, you definitely need to know how to write an explanatory essay. The length of your paper usually depends on the complexity of the chosen topic. In most cases, an explanatory essay follows the classic five-paragraph structure. The benefits of such a structure are obvious. First of all, it helps develop the topic smoothly moving from one idea to another. What is more, such a structure keeps the flow of the writer`s ideas logical and coherent. Below, you will find a common outline for your explanatory essay:

  • Introduction.
  1. Background information;
  2. Interesting hook that will grab the reader`s attention;
  3. Thesis statement.
  •  First body paragraph.
  1. A topic Sentence;
  2. Several supporting claims;
  3. A concluding sentence.
  • Second body paragraph.
  1. A topic Sentence;
  2. Several supporting claims;
  3. A concluding sentence.
  • Third body paragraph.
  1. A topic Sentence;
  2. Several supporting claims;
  3. A concluding sentence.
  • Conclusion.

This simple outline can be the basis for a lengthy paper. All you need to do is just add more details to it. Remember that the more details you add, the better your essay becomes.

A Useful Tip: When addressing all aspects that are worth attention in your explanatory essay, you need to watch your word limit. We assure you that the essay that exceeds the word limit allowed by the professor won`t bring you the expected outcome.

Explanatory Essay Topics

If you are not sure what topic is a good choice for an explanatory essay, we recommend you to look through the list prepared by our skilled writers. Choose one of them and develop it into a great essay:

  1. How hurricanes are formed? Explain in detail.
  2. Name the catalyst for the French Revolution.
  3. What are the essential causes of child obesity?
  4. How patients can manage diabetes?
  5. Explain why nutrition education is so important?
  6. Describe an ideal career. What are its characteristic features?
  7. What strategies should be used for overcoming gender discrimination?
  8. Why genetically modified food is so dangerous?
  9. Pros and cons of abortion;
  10. What are the negative effects of drinking coffee?
  11. How to write an outstanding cover letter?
  12. What is the dangerous effect of social media platforms in human life?
  13. Why children should be deprived of violent movies/games?
  14. What ethical issues are related to overpopulation?
  15. Who is a successful leader and what are their main qualities?

As you can see, an explanatory essay can be written on any topic. However, if you want to get a good grade, you need to apply maximum efforts. Nevertheless, we assure you that by applying all these efforts, you will get the desired outcome that will bring you emotional satisfaction.

Explanatory Essay Example

We recommend you to look through successful explanatory essay samples to understand how to organize your ideas and arguments in the right order. Using the great explanatory essays to boost your inspiration, you will definitely enhance your explanatory essay writing skills.

October 22, 2019
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