Among the plethora of essay types of writing, students can also be assigned to provide interview papers that are actually a part of a bigger project. Sometimes, conducting an interview with some person is an ideal project that helps students to build a network with other people and also find some interesting person who can share knowledge and experience in the student’s major or field of interest. To accomplish this project successfully, it is actually beneficial to look for an interview essay example since sample writing often provides us with tips on how to organize a specific paper properly. The essential thing of an interview essay is one’s ability to reflect on some topic or provide different perspectives on it while conducting the analysis of the interviewees’ responses. As such, the most important evidence here is people but not some scholarly or peer-reviewed sources.

How to Write a Profile Essay: Tips from Professionals

As a rule, interview essays are assigned for students majoring in Journalism and sometimes in Business. Work on this type of assignments helps them master their writing as well as expand their networking. What is even more important, they can get assistance or a piece of professional advice from experts. That is why work on an interview paper can lead to numerous insights.

If you wonder how to write an interview essay and how to make it a successful one, keep in mind that the secret of success lies in appealing to the target audience. In other words, your readers should feel as if they are interviewing the person themselves. Another guarantee of a winning interview paper is to interview a person who is really knowledgeable and well versed in your chosen sphere.

Brief and Comprehensive Guidelines on Interview Essay Writing

  1. Identify the core aim of your interview project. If you have not been assigned a specific topic, just identify the area that interests you and that you would like to get some hands-on experience from. Once you make it clear with the subject of your interview, you should determine the type of interview you will conduct.
  2. Start out with the topic investigation. First, you may even investigate some information about the person you are going to interview. Second, it would be really recommended to get the gist of the topic itself so that you could ask relevant and appropriate questions.
  3. Depending on the topic of your choice, think of whether one person would be enough to interview or you should choose more people in order to provide a reliable investigation of the topic. Knowledge sharing from different people and, consequently, from different perspectives could serve you well.
  4. Get ready with specific questions that you would ask your interviewees. Add some additional questions “just in case.” Be sure to rank your questions and put them into the order of importance so that you do not miss on the most vital of them due to the lack of time whatsoever.
  5. Place specific focus on the opening question since it should be something really interesting and catchy. It would help you to make the interviewees more engaged in the process and make your target readers interested in reading your interview as well.

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Sometimes the most prudent decision would be to buy a paper from a professional custom writing service and put an end to your struggles with writing. Another benefit from it would be the fact that the purchased paper would be a great interview essay example for you. Therefore, do not hesitate and place an order with us right now.

Interview Paper Example to Read for Free

Ann _________ is an executive director and senior business development manager. Of a Real estate company that deals with property development and management. Through her work, she has made it possible for many people to purchase land on which they have put up housing units both residential and commercial while others have bought or acquire already developed property, while allowing flexible and manageable payment for the same. They have also provided quality services to clients and their tenant by ensuring prompt and efficient management and maintenance of their properties. Besides that Ann also boast of great success especially with management of labor force in her organization, this is evident through what she says is a notable high rate of employee retention, therefore making her not only a successful manager of business without but also of business within.

Ann also acknowledges that her job has almost turned a hobby, encompassing a host of activities, far much more from anything she thought of initially. Apart from deriving satisfaction from helping many people realize their dreams of acquiring or owning property, she has also enjoyed the aesthetical satisfaction that comes with being part of a thought a plan that eventually produces very beautiful state of art housing units. She actually says that though her specialty was and is in finance, she has gradually developed serious interest in design, something she is contemplating pursuing if not as a profession perhaps as a part time engagement or even a hobby.

Ann a graduate in economics from London school of business first got a job after college with a financial institution as graduate trainee. She was attached to the credit management department for about 3yrs.Here she witnessed the vigorous and sometimes frustrating process of individuals trying to acquire finances especially for their personal development. She also witnessed the desperation and frustration that came with many being unable to service their loan facilities like mortgages and among others. For low income earners a credit facility was actually impossible; this placed their own on a position in which owning a property of their own was not anything they would think about; because it was impossible. This over a long time got Ann thinking through day and night on possible way out of this situation. She kept thinking of how she would make the dream of this willing but unable potential property or home owners’ true; but then an answer was not to come by until a long while later.

In the meantime Ann thought of looking for greener pasture and something more enthusiastic to do with her life. She said “I am a very outgoing person, and this long hours behind a computer only playing with figures, was not very interesting to me, even though I had to do it because I needed to make a living in order to support myself”. So while still on the job she decided to look around for something more interesting suitable for her personality.

Later on a different job came her way and it sounded quite interesting, this time as an estate management officer with an institution that worked hand in hand with the government institution in charge of housing. Her duties and responsibilities included preparing project briefs, collecting social, economic and physical data on existing informal land and housing market, planning and implementing housing projects and settlement among others. This job exposed her further to the challenges that people go through, without housing of their own in an effort to acquire property. Her earlier concern and desire while at her former job was even further rekindled and she thought of herself that it was time now to seriously think of what to do about it. Foremost she thought it would be wise to add on to her knowledge and with that she had in mind then, she definitely knew she needed to add or acquire management skills for she needed to be on a decision making position to best ensure that her thoughts, concerns and aspirations were addressed and implemented.

At this point in time she decided to enroll for a master’s degree in business administration course, specializing in strategic management while still on her job. After 2 years, she graduated with an MBA. A year later she took up a course in postgraduate diploma in project management. This earned her a promotion but at the same time she got another job offer with a housing finance company as a, senior relations manager-project finance and construction, which she chose to take up.

 After successful 5 years of working at this institution and gaining of credible experience, she decided to try something of her own. While still employed she developed a proposal in which she would start a company that would partner with financial institutions for funding, to aid her clientele in owning and developing their properties through very flexible and manageable financing. Through her organization she also intended to provide property management services. She encountered many hurdles but eventually got through with one financial institution which proposed to adopt her proposal but have the company run as a sister company to the financial institution. She was to enjoy great autonomy since running of the business was solely left to her. She confidently embarked on the journey which her seen her as the executive director and senior business development manager in her company for the last 3 years.

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