There are plenty of professions in the world that are worth people’s attention. Some experts are responsible for creating and designing something new, some are focused on impacting people’s lives, while others take responsibilities for curing people. Teaching is one of the most widespread and important professions. Teachers can not only educate but can also become influencers and motivators for lots of students. Thus, my favorite teacher essay can be devoted to this aspect of the teaching profession. By interacting with students, professors can truly impact the whole society. So, the educator’s role is really versatile and is not merely limited to passing on knowledge.

When assigned to write an essay about teacher, many students find it challenging to structure this paper as they hesitate as what to include in it and what professor to write about. However, with expert tips, it can become possible to cope with this type of writing and organize it according to the requirements. So, check out some of professional recommendations below that will help you impress your professor.

How to Write an Essay on Teacher?

If you are wondering “How to write my favorite teacher essay properly?” you may be surprised that there is no clear answer to this question. The quality of writing and its adherence to the academic standards and requirements depends on the prompts and professor’s expectations. Still, some general tips on how to write an essay about my teacher may be focused on some general personal experience with some professors, the role they played in one’s education, the importance of quality teaching, or what it takes to be a good educator. As a rule, students pick an English professor for writing a “my best teacher essay”, so:

  • When providing feedback for your English professor, try to structure your ideas in a logical and coherent manner. First of all, mention his or her characteristics in brief. Second, provide specific examples of how those traits and characteristics were evident in practice.
  • When writing your “my favorite teacher essay”, start with a brief and clear introduction, where you describe your English professor, i.e. their name, what they teach, how long they have been working, etc.
  • Provide a clear explanation in the “my teacher essay” what you particularly like about your professor. Support your examples with vivid illustrations. Pinpoint to the contribution your teacher has made for you or your success personally.

Teacher Essay Example

I would rather sit for four hours in the lecture hall listening to my philosophy teacher than spend the whole day gossiping with my peers. I prefer addressing my problems to him; he has the best tactics to counter my predicaments. He is well-learned, decently dressed and, among all, a great professor. My teacher is my role model. I had a tendency to believe that education was all what I needed, but paying attention to what he told us in class proved me wrong. I remember the first story he gave us in class; it was about the “educated fools”; I like naming it “educated illiterate”. He talked about how boastful some educated people may be, yet they never produce anything substantial. The first his lecture that we attended was the best form orientation in my college life. I remember him saying that “education is manifested by who you are, what you think you are and what you discharge to the society”. The philosophy lecturer is my favorite teacher since he totally changed my perspective towards life, morals and education through his charismatic and effective styles in associating his real teaching with the current issues affecting people.
My philosophy teacher led to my paradigm shift towards success. He uses different analogies and stories to drive his point home. He talks of morals, he tells us about real life situations. As a philosophy teacher, he likes appreciating different disciplines within the curriculum. He is able to change one attitude towards a career. He may act in a comical way, but he is very strict when it comes to education. The way he praises the benefits of education encourages me to be a good performer in life. He is always punctual in class. I like his slogan “mission first”; whenever my classmates are late for class, the first question he will ask them is mission. He insists on first things first. Apart from being a lecturer, he is a consultant and a motivation speaker. It was an obvious question asked by many of my peers on how he manages all the tasks. He insists on time management. He once told me that we all have enough time, but the difference is how we utilize this resource.
My favorite lecturer’s unique style of teaching pleased everybody, especially those willing to excel in life careers. My teacher tries to create networks between the class and the industry. By doing so, he lets his students face the real world and apply the knowledge learnt in class in real life situations. I can associate the advancement in my career with his exemplary efforts of linking us, students, with the companies. As a result, we have acquired great skills. He often tells us about his success and how he managed to achieve it. He talks about great people such as scientist, investors, and businessmen among others. He encourages everybody. He is a daily reminder. He echoes the greatest words of people who made a difference in society.
My teacher’s life story changed my mentality concerning life appreciation. He insisted that no extra effort goes unrewarded. His story is so encouraging. He was not raised from a well up family, but now he has one. The key to his success was time management, hard work and discipline. He is highly respected and respectful. Discipline is what keeps one at the echelon of success, he concludes. He talks of the benefit of discipline. He believes in possibilities and that what he keeps imparting to us. This teacher has fuelled a paradigm shift in my life. He has been my motivator.
In conclusion, my favorite teacher has influenced my life in a significant way. His unique style of teaching made me review and improve my morality. Due to him, I began to appreciate education and understand the importance of hard work. He changed my attitude towards life. He has helped me acquire emotional intelligence. He is always ready to help, to sacrifice time to assist his students. In fact, he is more of a motivation speaker than a lecturer.
Hopefully, this paper will be helpful to students in the process of writing a paper about their favorite educator. This type of writing can help students express their thoughts and feelings in the best way.

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December 23, 2022
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