Students have the same question: “What is the opinion essay?” it is a type of writing task with questions that give a student an opportunity to give their opinion on a certain topic. Student’s thoughts and ideas should be expressed in a concise manner. Reasonable logic should be applied when providing one’s point of view. Many papers of such type have to be supported by references so that the writer could support his thoughts.

Opinion essay writing requires student’s view, which is transformed into a clear point. Usually it has to be backed by clear and logical explanations and real examples. In such type of papers, you need to address directly to the target audience saying “Dear Readers” for example. In the introduction, it is important to refer to the play, speech or book.

Opinion Essay Writing

How to Write an Opinion Essay

You need to include introduction, provide main body and logical conclusion in your opinion essay.

Step One – Introduction Section

In this section, it is important to clearly present your subject and state your point of view. Do not forget about thesis statement. It has to be clear and at the same time concise. It has to clearly summarize your paper point.

You can use the below techniques in order to begin your paper:

  1. The readers should be addressed directly;
  2. Provide a direct quote from the play or the book;
  3. You can even ask a rhetorical question.

Step Two – Main Body Section

Here your task is to back up your thesis statement. You need to provide a few paragraphs that present points of view and support them with reasons. Topic sentence has to be at the beginning of every paragraph in the main body. Then you need to support this idea in the paragraph using arguments and facts. You need to start with a new paragraph only when you want to provide a new idea or a thought.

It is crucial to pay attention to the following when writing:

  • Tense – usually such essay type requires present tenses.
  • Connecting words – when you give a reason use various expressions (people believe that… due to the fact that…), express your opinions with such phrases: I think… I believe… To my mind…; add some ideas by starting with: Firstly…, Secondly… In addition…, etcetera.
  • Use formal words. Avoid using idiomatic phrases and colloquial language.
  • Proper punctuation – avoid using exclamation marks, contractions and parentheses.
  • Cite the sources please.

Step Three – Conclusion Section

Here you need to conclude your main opinion by restating or paraphrasing it. Please do not introduce new ideas in this finale section. Do not apologize for your point of view. In order to make your paper even more interesting, you can finish it with provocative question, warning or even predicting possible consequences.

Incredible Opinion Essay Topics

Prior to finding out the paper structure, it is also crucial to choose the right topic. Choosing the theme for your essay can be really simple. We advise to choose the topic, which is interesting to you. This way, the writing process will bring you joy.

  1. Is professional sport safe for the sportsman health and future life?
  2. Is it immoral to use animals in circuses?
  3. Why being honest with friends is so important?
  4. Should people work 4 days a week?
  5. Is being a vegan safe?
  6. What salary should e paid to CEO?
  7. Teens sleepovers and its impact on family relations.
  8. Is voting relevant today?
  9. Should we save day light on our planet?
  10. Is it important to be proud of your child?
  11. How to find the limits of parental responsibility?
  12. What relations between parents and their children should be?
  13. Is it possible to avoid conflict between generations?
  14. Why parents children problem remains eternal?
  15. Mother daughter relations. Is it possible to make them more simple?
  16. Why older generation does not want to understand younger people?
  17. Parental example or parental advice. What is more important for the youth?
  18. Can parental love be wise?
  19. Is it possible to realize all your dreams?
  20. Can you dream under current circumstances in the world?
  21. Can you indicate the generosity of a person by his/her actions?
  22. Can person’s views and ideas characterize him/her correctly?
  23. Do you believe that dreams can improve one’s life?
  24. Is it possible to call dreams meaningless?
  25. Can you dream in this harsh reality today?
  26. Idle dreamer. Who is he?
  27. How to make all dreams a reality?
  28. Is it crucial to forgive?
  29. Why understanding art help to survive the reality?
  30. Can you call everything created by man a true art?
  31. Kindness and its power.
  32. Love and hate relation.
  33. Can friendship be considered the greatest life gift?

Now, you can start writing your own essay. In case you cannot cope with is, contact us at for more assistance.

Opinion Essay Example

It is the aspiration of any business or company to have its business prosper and make of the most sales and gain a global concern. The Toyota auto company, a Japan-based company, has its strategies aimed at a global goal. In order to be the leading in India’s increasing and competitive automotive market, it has established a plant and made fresh its lineup. As one of its major investments in the Indian market, it has opened a school with an aim to offer knowledge to the people in order to promote the management and marketing of its products abroad.

The company has made use of the unused rugged side of the southern India to establish a technical training school in which it has given priority to the junior high school graduates to learn of all that pertains of the company and its products. The school is to be a ground to obtain skilled employees who are to boost the auto maker’s strategies in the major and sprouting Indian market. The students are taught discipline, courage and continued improvement of the company. The company has therefore attracted many young and poor men to the institution as it offers free education and job for the job well done. Besides this, the company plans to open a new plant to make a new car, at the moment of graduation of the students.

The opening of the school is to stage a major come-back to the Indian market having gone at a loss in trying to stage a similar strategy in the US and the China markets. This was mainly due to the competition from smaller rivals as the Suzuki which was in the market during the period of the vigorous global expansion of the market, when the company lacked a small car of a low price that was to suit people of the similar standard.

Another strategy that the company is engaging in is the eight-year plan to increase its sales eightfold. They consider it a challenge but are determined to attain. By the fact that the company shifted its attention to the Indian market at the time of its fall in the US, during the period of the global economic slowdown in the market, it hopes that the Indian environment will enable the business to continually grow. It aims to make cars in accordance to the Indian passenger-car market.

The company has been able to realize strategies that will enable it to attain its goals; it aims to increase its new models in the market. Among these models is a compact make that is of low cost that will suit a given category of the people, in order to compete effectively in the India’s rapidly-growing small-car market. Consequently, the company aims to build up a plant that will contain a targeted number of vehicles to maintain the market.

The company enjoys a renowned firm foundation of the skilled labor from the Toyota technical training institute which has enabled the company to grow at a fast speed. Moreover, the company has embraced the same aspect by supporting in the running of the china’s government institute. From this point of view, the company has realized that the school acted as a firm base to the establishment of its success. The school provided lessons in subjects as English, and practically instilled skills as welding, car assembly and maintenance. In addition to this, skills in consensus building were also offered.

From the perspective of the Toyota Company, a firm can be well established by its attempt to go global. This example can help my firm in many ways as laying out strategies of going global, manufacturing and maintaining the production of goods with regard to people’s choice and developing an educative base on which skill and experience is established. It also helps my firm to take business risks and make use of the available material as the use of the rugged land by the Toyota Company.

 In conclusion, a strategy is a key value to the establishment, growth and the maintenance of any business. Going global is an aspect that sows the success of the company, after investing in skill and material development. These aspects led to other companies embracing the example of the Toyota Company in the establishment of training institutions that will set a base for the strength of the businesses. By the growth of the Toyota Company, other companies as the Honda had to stage up their strategies in order to be on course with other companies in their production.

June 23, 2020
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