What thoughts first come to mind when the words ‘poem’ or ‘poetry’ are mentioned? Very often, these words evoke thoughts of passion, sensitivity, love, affection, inspiration and freedom of expression – and poetry can come in many shapes and sizes. And, as the providers of a reputable poem writing service, we know that writing poetry is a real art form since the writer needs a special talent and a particular mindset to be able to commit their feelings and thoughts into the lines and rhymes that make a great poem. Few people – if any – can exactly explain the art of writing poetry because it comes mostly from the writer’s heart but also from their mind.


Just as it is possible these days to find a poem writing service online, it is also possible to create poetry pieces online so this is a way of practicing and applying your poetry-creating skills. You will find several websites where you will get help choosing words to rhyme with words you have alrady chosen and are thinking of using, and  create a piece of poetry that adheres to a style that can be chosen from available lists. Your resulting masterpiece can then be posted online with the intention of attracting constructive feedback and commentary to help you better understand the standard of your own poetry and ways to improve it. Although it cannot be said with complete confidence that poetry-based websites are sufficiently good for receiving critiques, the feedback provided is a chance to understand how works of poetry are perceived by people from different age groups. You can also help contributors with their poetry-writing efforts too while learning new things about the styles, types, genres, meaning, history and use of symbolism from any discussions that take place. And, for all you know, you may develop your poetry-writing skills sufficiently after a few weeks or months to earn money from it online.

While you can always use a poem writing service to help you with poetry assignments, you may want to master this skill yourself. To be able to write an essay about poetry or a poem you need to understand different types of poems that exist since analyzing a given poem requires you to identify its type and several other key features. As an example, five of the most common or popular types of poems are listed below and you may find all or some of these especially useful.

Five of the most common or popular types of poems

If a teacher has asked you to write a poem and has left you free to select what type you would like to use, you have the option of choosing a type from the above list or you may look for another type. The above list is for from complete since you will find there are around 50 poem types, each type distinguishable by its own unique features. If your studies require you to write a diverse range of assignments from poems and standard essays to thesis papers, you will need to familiarize yourself with every type.

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Writing Essays about Poetry – The Peculiarities of the Task

Whenever you are given poetry writing assignments, especially ones that involve writing poetry essays, these cese can prove quite difficult to tailor, particularly when you don’t understand the assignment’s purpose. Purpose is very important since different types of essays are intended to develop a variety of writing skills that may be useful to you in real life. If, for example, someone is capable of analyzing something quickly enough, this skill may help them in their efforts to solve a host of complex problems. Nevertheless, every type of poetry essay has its own purpose and objectives.   

While some creative writing poetry assignments are likely to come your way during your academic career, analysis essays are still more common. Usually, these essays focus on one poem where your task is to undertake an analysis of it and develop a central thesis statement for your paper. These essays are also referred to as poetry reviews since the poem in question needs to be examined in great detail from a perspective of your choosing. Thereforefore, it is important to understand your chosen poem, identify its poetic devices, and say how these relate to one another. A major aim in an anlysis essay is to help the student to find enjoyment in verse. So, read it through and identify particular areas you can argue and continue developing until your points are clear.

The primary purpose of a comparison poetic essay is clearly to take two separate poems and compare them. However, the comparative elements leave you with a few options. The requirement may involve comparing two separate verses by one author to identify similarities and differences and analyzing the poet’s style and the figures of speech they use to create the poem’s unique atmosphere. Or the poetry assignment could involve comparing two or possibly more of the works of different poets to identity some of the distinct features displayed in each work. Generally speaking, to accomplish the task, the student would need to familiarize themselves with the poems they are required to analyze to gain an understanding of what it is the authors are trying to say in their works. This same writing task may confront you later in your studies when you are completing poetry-related coursework or a similar type project. Therefore, when you are tasked with writing a comparison-style essay, make a real effort to research the correct way to go about it since it is likely you will be required to compare a larger volume of poems later in your studies and those assignments are sure to be “higher-points” projects.     

Of the many types of writing assignments, explication essays are considered more intricate and complex that most other types since they require attentive and multiple readings to identify points you both simultaneously understand and are perplexed by because, taken together, the unknown and known elements will assist in your explication of your chosen poem. Explication has the primary aim of showing the essay writer and his or her readers that meaning and form cannot be separated in this type of essay. To write successful explication essays literally means listening to the chosen poem(s). It is essential to understand a poem’s moods, emotions, and music. The creator’s journey should be described using a combination of the elements that have already been discovered and the elements that you will come to light during the essay writing process.

At high school level, poetry assignments tend to be quite specific in terms of the essay type. In the event you are given an essay type you are unfamiliar with or are unable to locate information to help you, then you should seek clarification from a teacher or fellow students. If either of these options yield results, there is always the possibility to turning to a professional writing service that specializes in poetry writing for help. The team at EssaysLeader.com will happily explain any aspects you find confusing and go on to provide you with a top-quality essay.

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Process of Writing an Analysis Essay on Poetry

Since poetry reviews or analysis essays are a very common assignment in this subject, paying careful attention to their preparation is critical. This is a task you are likely to be asked to complete several times during your academic career and your final scores or marks may well be influenced by how good the quality of your essays are. Hence, if your aim is not to end this year and the next ones with a poor GPA score, it is vital you learn the art of writing poetry reviews and the following guide should certainly help you do that:  

  1. Select a poem. In the event you have not been give a particular poem to analyze or review, this is an excellent chance to choose a poem that you would enjoy working with. Your instructions may require you to adhere to a specific genre or period so you may have to look for a suitable poem in reference books or websites that provide such lists. Be sure you choose a piece of poetry that you have an emotional connection with since working with these poems is often easier.
  2. Search for relevant information. Find information about the poem’s author, their life, beliefs, views, important events, problems, and so on to try and understand what the words in their poem could possibly mean. Information about the author and their poetry heritage is likely to be found in poetry-related articles and research papers.
  3. Check your assignment’s requirements. It is possible your assignment will include exact instructions concerning the elements and/or points that need to be addressed in your paper, the outline or style that needs to be used, and the formatting style that is required. That you read these carefully before starting the task and making a note of the key requirements is critical.
  4. Choose the analysis criteria. Since the analysis is the key ingredient in your essay, it is essential to precisely determine what your analysis criteria will be. What needs to be analyzed? Choose your criteria, check the number you are permitted to use with your tutor or decide this yourself according to the stipulated word count. 
  5. Organize yourself and start writing. Draft an outline of your essay, keeping in mind the three parts that are most critical to focus on. Remember that you should begin by stating the poem’s name or title in the introductory section as well as the name of its author and any relevant background or historical information that might help your readers understand your reasons for analyzing this poem in the manner you have chosen. The main body is the next part and this should comprise of analyzis based on your selected criteria. The conclusion section is the last part and this contains your summary along with a demonstratable line to the wider context.

You should try to avoid looking at other available reviews on your chosen poem even if time is running out and you are finding the analysis part difficult. Focus instead on your own feelings and any knowledge you acquired in class and it is very likely you will end up with a unique and adequately analyzed essay. 

Professional Help with Poetry Essays from EssaysLeader.com

Since we certainly provide some of the best writing assistance available, we can also help you with other types of assignments such as science papers. Irrespective of what type of writing problems you encounter during your studies or which subjects are beyond your capabilities, the team at EssaysLeader.com has the skills to resolve these problems so that you maintain top scores. Consequently, you need not look for sample papers, templates, or term papers when you can purchase a well-written and original paper from a company with experts who specialize in your field.  

If it is the case you continue reading poetry and writing poetic verse after graduating and you are now job-hunting, you can also avail of some excellent offers from EssaysLeader.com. Our competent writers will happily help you prepare a winning CV, ensuring it meets a potential employer’s standards. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with our Human Resource specialists on the creation and structure of your resume and make suggestions on what you want included. Should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to get in touch with us and our customer support representatives will gladly address these. We can also provide some sample papers for you to inspect so do not delay – make the right choice today!

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