Americans are prodigies of comic strips. The extreme popularity of these newspaper cartoons made them turn into cult movies and TV shows. “Superman” is one of the renowned American pop culture icons, which stem from the old comic strip. The first appearance of this superhero dates back to June 1938, when DC Comics Action Comics #1 was published. This character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. One of the common nicknames for this extraordinary protagonist has been the Man of Steel, as he was basically invincible. There are high chances you’ll be assigned with writing a superman essay if you study at some creative departments. Despite this topic’s popularity, it is not that easy to explore it, especially if you start delving into such themes as alter ego, life on other planets, freedom, justice, and altruism. Superman has been transformed into an integral American symbol. It appears in artworks, music, common sayings, and the hero’s simple signature “S” embodies some modern Zorro with superpowers. His figure is also related to the American expression of their vision on patriotism. Superman also embodies a range of moral virtues.However, it is wrong to perceive this hero only through the lens of perfection. Some people think that it is a waste of time to describe Superman’s personality, as he seems to be too powerful and invulnerable. Yet, in fact, this superhero has certain cracks in the armor. Why not perceive his alter ego Clark Kent as his Achilles’ heel? Of course, if you have never written an essay on superman before, you will sense immense confusion, asking yourself, “What should I write about?” In such a case, you’ve been lucky to come across– a writing service that can discover some deep insights even in comic strips and superhero movies. We will write a unique piece, elucidating why is superman the best superhero.
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Main questions about Superman

It would be truly surprising to find a person who would not recognize the image of Superman. The world’s most popular superhero wears a recognizable blue suit with a yellow belt, S-logo on his chest, and a red cape. Yet, his appearance is not enough to write an enticing superman paper. The following questions will help you to jot down some useful points.

What powers does Superman possess?

Invincible Superman has incredible superhuman powers, such as the capability to fly, enhanced strength, wonderful speed, X-ray vision, immunity to most forms of harm, super breath, hearing, and sense of smell. His ability to memorize is also fantastic – for instance, he can learn all the languages in the world. Nonetheless, this amazing superhero has one peculiar weakness, which is Kryptonite – a glowing green radioactive mineral from his home planet. When Superman is exposed to this element, he becomes incredibly weak.

Where did he acquire his superpowers?

The amusing fact is that Superman’s powers are not atypical on his native planet. It implies that, from a human perspective, all Kryptonians are Supermen. The physical structure of these highly intelligent creatures is million years more advanced if to compare it with the progress of humankind. Also, Krypton is larger than Earth, and it has much higher gravity. One more compelling fact is that our yellow sun gives Superman additional powers, unlike the Kryptonian red sun.

Who is Superman’s alter ego?

It is a well-known fact that a decorous and seemingly humble reporter Clark Kent embodies Superman’s more “human” version. He grew with his adoptive parents in the rural part of Kansas, but then he decided to settle in Metropolis. Having introduced himself as Clark Kent, he started working at the Daily Planet, one of the best newspapers in the city. Clark cooperates with his fellow reporter Lois Lane to investigate burning issues and even crimes. There’s also a strong romantic storyline between Superman and Lois. Although he does his best to hide his true alien identity, he occasionally helps people in trouble or even on the verge of death. His earth family has endowed Clark with virtues and exceptional moral beliefs, which contribute to his strivings to conquer evil.

Who are the main enemies of Superman?

Lex Luthor, who is a supervillain in American comic books, is also Superman’s arch-enemy. Despite not possessing any superpowers, he remains an evil genius. His high intellect helps him to find ways to overcome Superman. Gradually, he finds out about his main vulnerability related to Kryptonite. Luthor’s main power lies in the unsurpassed technology he uses to threaten people and collaborators. Kryptonite helps Lex to control and even fight Superman. Other foes of the Man of Steel include Neutron, the Puzzler, his cousin Kru-El, the Galactic Golem, and Effron the Sorcerer. The mentioned elements constitute only a small part of the Superman world. He remains a cult hero of the last century as well as a renewed hero of contemporary times. Thus, it is not enough to collect only basic facts to create a decent paper on Superman or an If I were a Superman essay. It entails processing a range of sources and conducting a profound investigation on the superhero’s personality, abilities, and major events he participated in.

Comic Book vs Graphic Novel: Is There Any Difference?

To get an answer to this question, you should understand the essence of these works. Now you already know the definition of a graphic novel. As for the comic, it is considered an excerpt from a larger narrative that uses illustrations as the instruments for narration. Most comic books are released on a regular basis in various newspapers and magazines. They are often parts of the long-running stories that can last for many years. An inexperienced reader cannot understand the difference between graphic novel and comic book, though it is significant. The fans are aware of the characteristic features of both genres. Have a look at some features that make graphic novels differ greatly from comic books:

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