Many bad things happen in the comics and many of them happen in our real life. Thus, it is no wonder that comic books predict future at times.


Predictions of Comics

The Top-Secret Creation of the Atomic Bomb

A Superman comic from 1945 depicted Lex Luthor creating a strange new mechanism to promote chaos in the city of Metropolis. Strange as it may seem, an "atomic bomb" that described Lex Luthor was actually in the process of creating in reality.

While the comic was being written, scientists were protecting the project on the first A-bomb from public revelation. To keep the project secret, the Defense Department forced DC Comics to draw out the comic.

DC Comics cannot figure out what was wrong. Eventually, it became the reason why an ongoing storyline in the Superman newspaper strip depicted a dubious physicist blasting Superman with a cyclotron to come to know whether he really cannot be damaged.

This happened in April 1945, a few months before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Due to the daily publication of the comic strip, by the time the secret service reached DC Comics, a couple of newspapers had already got a few chapters.

The Challenger Disaster

In 1986, Canadian comic book author John Byrne wrote and painted a miniseries called The Man of Steel, the aim of which was to streamline the Superman mythos. Superman was supposed to appear before an audience when saving a NASA space shuttle from smashing in the middle of Metropolis. The key phrase is "was supposed" because when Byrne was about to finish the issue, NASA's space shuttle Challenger fell apart shortly after launching and the whole crew died. It would have been severe and extremely inaccurate to depict Superman easily preventing an actual tragedy after it happened. Thus, Byrne quickly repainted the pages depicting the shuttle, substituting it for an "experimental space-plane."

The 1977 New York Blackout

Spider-Man and The Wasp battle Equinox is the comic where an evildoer t sets fire in New York and attacks the police. Once his stray blasts hit a building and resulted in an extensive blackout in a megalopolis. It appeared to be one of the most unbelievable book predictions as the comic was issued in July 1977approximately at the same time as the 1977 New York blackout.

The Death of Lady Di

In 1997 DC created a comic in which Wonder Women falls into a mystical coma. Then she dies and was supposed to be a goddess of Olympus. The cover of Wonder Woman #126 was a fake newspaper title reporting the impendent demise of Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Today if you do not attend message boards, comic shops or gay clubs, you will not maybe hear people calling Wonder Woman "Princess Diana", but that is how the cover of that publication mentions her. And this was unfortunate as, after three days after the comic publication, Princess Diana of Wales died in a car accident and wonder woman predictions proved correct.

The next issue mentions the phrase "Princess Diana is dead," but this one ends positively, with Wonder Woman informing everybody that she is fine.

The End of the Cold War

1976 is the year when one of the most jaw-dropping book predictions came out. It depicts what can happen if Superman came to Earth in that year and become an adult in 2001.

The comic is connected with politics — it begins with the Russian and American armies contending for UFO carrying baby Superman. After the U.S. takes control over the spacecraft, they start experimenting with it by shooting lasers at Superman's face.

Although the story failed to make Superman mythos more realistic there was one right thing in the comic: it predicted that the Cold War would end about 1990.

The 9/11 Attacks

1The 9/11 Attacks prediction came out in Superman comic on the day after the attacks. The point is the author not only depicted the damage in the worst possible way but also did it in the comic that came out on 9/12. DC could do nothing to prevent the comic from circulation by then. They managed to return the comic but few if any were actually returned because people understood that this was just an odd coincidence and DC is not at fault.

March 29, 2018
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