People all over the world celebrate Gandhi day on the 2nd of October. It is considered to be the national holiday in the country. There are different events dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi in the country. People draw posters, conduct various campaigns as well as rallies and organize speeches. Students are given a task to write Mahatma Gandhi essay on this day as well. This person was born in Porbandar in October 2 and considered to be the greatest inspiration for many people all over the world. He was a law student first but then his life was full of trials.

During this day, many schools and colleges organize various events in order to show their respect and appreciation of this person. Students write their Gandhi essay where they describe how valuable the simplicity and integrity of leadership is.

Unique Mahatma Gandhi Essay Writing

Let us present a simple and easy to comprehend essay about an extraordinary person Mahatma Gandhi or “Bapu”. He was a true father of the whole nation. His deeds made him immortal for every Indian. The Mahatma Gandhi essay we offer to your attention is written in simple language so that high school students could easily to understand it.

Sometimes, writing an essay can be complex and time consuming if it is not your cup of tea. Even if you have vast experience in writing essays, one day, you may feel confused and stuck. It is the right time for you to find professional assistance. Many students find themselves in such situation when they need to choose an essay topic.

When a student is given a broad area of focus, topic choice becomes a bit easier. So, right now, Mahatma Gandhi essay is our area. When you are interested in this person’s life, then you will be willing to create an interesting topic with ease. In case you have zero interest in this area, you may face some challenges.

Go to your local library and conduct a research. You can always use Internet resources. The more information you find, the easier it will be to create an interesting essay topic.

In case you cannot come up with interesting ideas even after the research work, we recommend you consult your instructor or professor.

In order to assist you with your essay topics, you can check out our list of topics about Mahatma Gandhi. So, if you take the above recommendations into consideration and read the ideas on essay topics, it will definitely become easier for you to come up with unique essay topic of your own and create an authentic and interesting essay.

  1. Who is Mahatma Gandhi? Is he a true peacemaker?
  2. Why I respect Mahatma Gandhi?
  3. Peace and love ideology of Mahatma Gandhi
  4. Mahatma Gandhi’s life is true motivation for all people
  5. Mahatma Gandhi’s Inspirational Quotes
  6. Life Facts about Mahatma Gandhi
  7. Would it be possible for Mahatma Gandhi to fight for freedom with the help of social media?
  8. How Gandhi created the brand of peace and love?
  9. Why people of the 21st century should follow the ideas of Gandhi?
  10. Is Gandhi still relevant in modern society?
  11. What was done by Mahatma Gandhi?
  12. Does he still remain influential?
  13. Mahatma Gandhi and his rise.
  14. Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi
  15. Leadership style of Mahatma Gandhi

Essay Example about Mahatma Gandhi (“Mahatma Gandhi: A Global Citizen”)

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been widely accepted as a global citizen in the twentieth century. He led India to independence though he never held any public office. As many Indians revered him, he became an inspiration to the west. The Uniqueness of Gandhi as a global citizen lay in his ability to combine the moral appeal with the political leadership that was shrewd. He was first known in South Africa where led the Indian community to resist discriminatory laws nonviolently before the First World War. As he returned to India, he was already famous. He had come up with a philosophy that people should strive for their political and human rights. Using this philosophy, he led Indians to strive for their rights. This paper examines Mahatma Gandhi as a global citizen with different things that he did making him the global figure.  

Gandhi was born in Gujarat India as Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi in 1869. The name Mahatma, which means soul, is what many knew him. Others called him “Bapu” which means father. Having been born in the business family of Gujarat, he got good education where he studied law in England. It is when he was representing one of his clients in South Africa that he met discrimination. This led him to begin fighting it by establishing his philosophy of fighting for political and human rights. This is the philosophy that he led Indians with by fighting against the colonial government for discriminating Indians. 

Gandhi grew up in many difficulties with coming to reality with the colonization of India by Britons. After his law degree, he began practicing law. This led him to South Africa to defend his client in a court case. He stayed in South Africa for some. It is in South Africa that Gandhi sought his spiritual well-being and the right way of life.  The understanding of religion led him to adopt a community-based lifestyle that distinguished his leadership in India. While in South seeking the right way of life, he came along discrimination while travelling. The discrimination he encountered led him to formulate his philosophy of people fighting for their human and political rights. Even as he left South Africa for India, the philosophy that he used had effect on the Indian people leading them to begin fighting for their rights.

According to Johnson, Gandhi had developed the non-violent means of solving problems that accompanied his social theory. Using his philosophy of fighting for human rights, he participated national campaigns in India against indentured labor and injustices between 1919 and 1922. His participation gained him a wide political following where he became the leader of the national independence movement. Additionally, he remained a key figure during the struggle for independence in India. Due to his philosophies and way of life, he gained some Indian and European admirers.

Major life changing activities of Gandhi included his role as a political activist credited with destroying the British Raj. During the First World War, he was an apostle of nonviolence where he acted as a recruiting officer for the British government. During his last years, before his death in 1948, he wore loin clothes while working for the poor. His way of life had impact on many people. Those Indians who followed his example while drawing inspirations from him criticized the Hindu religion especially the caste system. They were cosmopolitan and eclectic in their approach to religion. Gandhi was a lifelong advocate of religious tolerance. He usually strove to make reconciliations between Muslims and Hindus who used to fight constantly. His efforts led to the creation of the independent state of Pakistan.

As a global citizen, Gandhi has attracted a lot of controversy through out his life and thereafter. Since his death, historians and biographers have had divergent assessments. One of the contentious issues surrounding his life is whether hi strategy that combined periods of non-cooperation and civil disobedience with negotiation and compromise promoted or contributed to the independence of India. His was of life led to many people opposing him including the British colonial government in India. Indian moderates who wished to make progress through constitutional reforms  that was offered by the British and radicals believed that the scruples of Gandhi about violence reduced the momentum of the movement for change.

Historical debates have also influenced the interpretations of Gandhi. For instance, the Cambridge school of British historians has made arguments that India’s independence was being ceded rapidly due to inner weakness of the British administration. They have therefore interpreted the nationalist movement as the few Indian elites struggling for power and not a genuine movement against the Brutish government. Some Indian writings “Subaltern Studies” have also regarded the intellectual and political leaders as self-serving power struggle.

The philosophy of Gandhi of nonviolence has also attracted criticism especially his views that Jews will face Nazism and his nonviolent resistance of the Second World War to the Japanese. Additionally, his work has attracted criticism from Marxists and socialists who argue that it failed to support the political and political measures. Gandhi’s rejection of Western civilization drew mixed reaction with many people indicating that his views were backward and obscurantist tending to perpetrate the ills of the Indian society. Despite these criticism, many people following his philosophies were able to improve their human and political rights.

Gandhi lived a good life with his work and way of life influencing many people. Having received good education with a degree in law, he embarked on a career that sought to help people. After having lived in South Africa for some time, he sought a spiritual understanding of how he should live. This spiritual understanding led him to live a righteous way of life that influence many. Additionally, he developed his nonviolence philosophy that accompanied the philosophy to fight for their human and political rights. His works influenced many with other finding a way to criticize his works. He was an inspiration to many through his way of life and writing.

June 16, 2020
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