Professors assign various types of academic papers to evaluate students writing and analytical skills. A profile essay is one of many tasks you will need to complete in your academic career. To handle this assignment successfully, you will need to be aware of all its characteristic features. Those students who lack sufficient experience and do not know how to write a profile essay, often check profile articles published in such periodicals as The New Yorker, Esquire, or The Washington Post. By analyzing these publications, they hope to figure out the characteristic features of this type of paper. Still, to organize your work properly, and to get a good grade, you need to know the peculiarities of crafting such texts. Thus, our experienced writers have compiled this guide. It highlights the main stages of the writing process and contains many handy tips and practices that will help you achieve the desired outcome.

What Is a Profile Essay?

Here is a simple profile essay definition. It is a piece of informative writing that is based on a description of a certain place, person, event, etc. Being similar to journalistic research, this paper aims to provide the target audience with important and actual information on the topic. To get a good grade, you need to make your profile paper as exciting and engaging as possible. Additionally, all the facts and details should be presented in a logical order.

Before you start working on this academic assignment, you will need to collect all the necessary information about the chosen place, event, or person. You will be able to cope with this sophisticated task only if you apply a professional approach to work and pay attention to detail. Please, note that this descriptive text is not a compilation of facts collected about the subject of your paper. This work assumes in-depth analysis and interpretation of these facts. When working on this paper, you should try to predict the questions that may appear in the heads of your readers and answer them.

For many students, writing a profile paper can be very challenging. Learners often find it difficult to clarify the essence of the particular phenomenon in just a couple of pages. However, we assure you that you will be able to cope with this task well if you treat it professionally. For example, if you are writing a paper about a person, you will need to focus on his or her appearance, character, motivation, and other features making this individual different from others.

Writing a Profile Essay: Essential Steps

Being a common type of descriptive writing, a profile essay will help you to reveal your talent as a writer. Crafting such papers, you will learn how to paint bright pictures with words. Still, we know that every beginning is often difficult. So, we offer you to follow the steps below to create your masterpiece.

  • Familiarize yourself with the main peculiarities of profile essay writing. To facilitate your understanding, we strongly recommend that you have a closer look at the profile articles available in popular magazines. This task is pretty uncommon, so a couple of examples will not be superfluous. By reading these samples, you will understand how to write a profile essay, how to organize your ideas, and how to structure your paper properly;
  • Choose an appropriate subject. When choosing a person, event, place, etc., for your paper, you need to pick the one that will enable you to carry out in-depth research. Choosing a topic without research potential, you are unlikely to find evidence to support your arguments. An interesting topic will enable you to engage your target audience and make them enjoy your work;
  • Find valid and accurate facts. When writing a descriptive piece, you will need to use first-hand information. It will make your target audience enjoy reading your essay. In some cases, you will need to carry out the interviews to obtain the most accurate information for your paper;
  • Write an outline. Even though this step is not obligatory, it will greatly facilitate the writing process. Creating the outline will help you avoid repetitive points and organize your information properly. Like any other academic paper, your essay should include three basic parts: an introductory section, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion;
  • Introduction. The primary goal of this paragraph is to grab your reader’s attention. Thus, you need to write it clearly and compellingly. If you don’t know how to start a profile essay, open your text with a hook that will spark your readers’ interest. It can be a thought-provoking citation, a fact, a rhetoric question, or anything else that will make your audience read your essay. A helpful tip: try to surprise your readers;
  • The body paragraphs. In any academic paper, an introduction is followed by the main body part, in which you will provide a detailed analysis of your topic. This part should be divided into a couple of paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should include a clear topic sentence presenting one idea, an explanation of this idea, and supporting evidence. By jumping from one argument to another without appropriate transitions, you will make your reader confused. This will negatively affect the outcome of your work. Thus, we strongly encourage you to develop your ideas in a logical order;
  • Conclusion. Finally, you need to summarize your ideas in one paragraph. Although the last paragraph includes only a couple of sentences, it will make the strongest impact on your audience. So, you need to write it properly. In your conclusion, you should not add any new details about the subject of your paper. Instead, summarize the points mentioned previously;
  • Edit your paper. Revision is the final step of the writing process that will help you notice and fix all grammatical, structural, and punctuation flaws, as well as logical inconsistencies.

By following our guidelines, you will be able to write profile essays of superior quality. Remember that this task is very important. Thus, you should not compromise it by failing to meet your professor’s instructions. Make sure to read your professor’s prompt carefully before you start working on this task.

Check Out a Good Example of a Profile Essay

Of course, you can look through popular magazines to find some good examples to follow. Still, we have decided to place a sample paper on our website for your convenience. If you want to boost your writing talent, feel free to take advantage of using the profile essay examples created by our experienced professionals.

Profile Essay

Burdick’s Grocery Store is among the oldest businesses in Hatboro and has been under the ownership and management of a single-family since it was started. The store sells various products including newspapers, magazines, snacks, tobacco, milkshakes, and cigar pipes among many other consumer goods. Though the store has been operating for a long time, it continues to remain relevant through offering the Hatboro community choice selection of goods that have continued to remain relevant in spite of changes in the market, economy, and technological developments.

Burdick’s grocery is located in a building that has withstood the test of time, as such, it has not changed much. The store’s counter is old-fashioned and clearly shows its age. Though numerous changes have occurred in the Hatboro community, Burdick’s grocery continues to thrive. This paper will critically evaluate the relationships between the Hatboro community and Burdick’s grocery store including this writer’s experience with the store. This will aim at identifying the unique attributes that have made customers loyal, and maintain its position in a continuously competitive market.

Burdick’s grocery store is strategically positioned in the Hatboro community area where it has been since it was started. The family-owned business has continued to serve a significantly diverse community. The Hatboro community comprises a mixture of residents from different social and economic backgrounds. There are those who are indigenous to the area, newcomers, young, old, lower, middle, and upper classes. Like many other communities in the United States, the Hatboro community has integrated diversity in its composition. While there are those that are indigenous to the area, a significant number of residents came from other areas and settled in the community. Particularly, most of the residents are educated and business owners in the community. However, while there are other competing stores in the region, the residents of this community have continued to be loyal to the store.

The store has been operating for the past sixty years. Through strategic management with an emphasis to personalized customer services, the store has managed to offers products that are needed by the community at affordable prices. While there have been various economic and technological changes that have changed the business environment; Burdick’s grocery has continued to offer quality products to its loyal and new customers. Technological changes have seen the various transformation of businesses through the adoption of online marketing and selling strategies.

Competing stores have a system that allows consumers to buy their products online without the need to interact with the store physically. However, Burdick’s store has continued with its traditional shopper’s strategies where customers experience and make selections of products that suit their various needs. This approach allows the store owners, to offer the community optimal consumer services and products that not only seek to ease the shopping experience for the customer but also seek to identify consumer preferences, choices, and any variables that may apply to those choices as a result of changes in the market.

The fact that Burdick’s grocery store is a family-owned business that has served the residents for such a long period makes it a community enterprise. The store’s owners are part of the Hatboro community who interact, associate, and partner with the community members in various social and developmental functions in the community. This makes the community identify with the business; in addition, the owners have intimate knowledge of their customers, as such, they know their preferences and choices. Furthermore, the knowledge of the customer’s characteristics enables the store owners to address them accordingly. This gives the store a competitive advantage over other grocery stores that have been established in the community. The store is unique since in spite of its lag in the adoption of technology in its core operations and business management; it has continued to be a profitable enterprise with significant command of the local market.

I have been a member of the Hatboro community since childhood since my family are native residents of the community. Since, I could remember, my parents always made their grocery shopping at Burdick’s grocery store. I could tell at a younger age that my parents and the store owners knew each other well, as such, it was not surprising that the store owners knew me as well. Often when my parents went shopping, the store owner would enquire about the well-being of my family while at the same time engaging in a discussion of one topic, arranging a social function, or an issue that concerned the community as a whole. It was evident early on that the store owners were not just business people after making a profit; they were and continue to be part of the community in all respects.

Since I grew up in the community, it became normal to visit Burdick’s grocery store when in need of groceries. However, as time went by, other stores that were more modernized, offered diverse services and products were developed in the community. Though the new stores were automated and friendly, they did not offer the personalized grocery experience that was available at Burdick’s grocery store.

In addition, the new store’s sold their products at prices that were higher than Burdick’s citing economic changes and difficulties. Burdick’s grocery was the only grocery store that I could identify with; hence my loyalty to the store. The attendants are respectful, polite and they know which items the customers need. In addition, they offer assistance to their customers in making informed choices in their purchases.

These are among the factors that their customers are loyal and in the process recruit new customers for the store. As an individual customer, it is evident that one cannot help but be loyal to the store based on its customer service, product quality, and management interaction with both employees and customers in offering each customer the best possible services.

I Need Help Writing a Profile Essay

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All in all, if you are not sure how to write a profile essay or you have no time for successful task completion, you should just pass it to one of our skilled experts. We will impress you with our professionalism!

September 16, 2021
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