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Action Scene Drawing for a Comic Book

January 16, 2018


Comic fight scenes are one of the most interesting parts of a graphic novels.

Our article will give you useful tips on how to draw fight scenes.

Secrets of Writing Intense Fight Scenes

#1 Make the readers totally engaged

Your task as an author of a comic book in the process of drawing an action scene is to try to influence all the senses of the readers. Make them feel how it is like to be at the place of a main hero.

Make them not only see but also feel and even taste the blood that is streaming out of the villain’s broken nose. 

Besides, in the process of fight scene drawing, make sure everything is depicted clear enough so no one could get confused by what is happening.


Many writers who do not know how to draw a fight scene often try to draw as many characters in one picture as possible. It is expected to be interesting for a reader to see all the main characters standing together as a one against evil!

Well, it is not always a case.

The deal is that if you try to depict all the characters at the same time, it can distract you from some important details. Besides, if your heroes have superpowers, it may be difficult to show how they use them in one picture.

As a result, it is recommended that a written fight scene contains not more than 4 combatants at one time. However, if you still want to make a group fighting, try to divide it into individual duels, which will help show each of your main characters using their powers separately. 

3_Avoid-paying-too-much-attention-to-not-important-scenes_Title_EL_800x140One hero fighting a group of secondary hopeless enemies may be interesting, if you use special effects.

That can do for a movie but for a graphic novel of a comic book it may not be that interesting.

High quality fight script must concentrate on important elements and ignore unimportant once.

4_Creativeness-if-your-best-friend _Title_EL_800x140

If you readers know that your character can throw fire using his arms they will not be satisfied to see the same trick over and over again.

Think about some unexpected twists and unusual application of these powers. Besides, to make the scene more intense, support it with adjectives to describe a fight.

 In order to create a fight that will impress a reader, be unpredictable. In addition, try to learn how to describe pain in writing. It will make you fight scenes more engaging and interesting.

5_Make-your-main-character-improvise _Title_EL_800x140

How cool is that if your hero seems to win but suddenly realizes that his enemy predicted his actions and prepared a trap!

It will definitely make him improvise, if he does not want to get into trouble.

6_Stay-intriguing _Title_EL_800x140

Many young writers who do not know how to fight write try to get to the point as soon as possible without thinking about some additional elements to make the story more exciting.

In order to avoid this mistake, it is recommended to brainstorm some ideas of how to make the pick of the story brighter.

It can be reached by putting your hero in a difficult and desperate conditions, which will make him a victim rather than a victor.

Make you character balance on a hair-stroke between failure and victory. It will definitely make the readers engaged till the last page.

Do not forget about fight scene dialogue.

It definitely must not be a long one. However, a couple of cool phrases and expressions will add dramatic quality to the moment.

The other element that can be used to make the story more interesting is an effect of ticking clock.

The plot will be more fascinating, if the main character is limited in time to solve some problem of to defeat his enemy.

You can also try to make a reader care for the characters who need help in a story. If these characters are well-developed, it will be much more thrilling for us to wait until they are rescued by the hero.

Try to create a villain who is strong enough to defeat your hero. If we know that the main character can die in the final fight, it will raise doubts about the story ending. Is not it the effect we are trying to reach? 

7_Make-it-short _Title_EL_800x140

Final scene or final fight is called final because it usually starts at the end of the book. Many writers who think that drawing a long fight is what the readers need are wrong.

Believe us, no matter how many times your character will use his super powers, if the fight lasts for 20 last pages of a book, everyone will easily get bored. Keep it short and keep it tense.

Our article is a basic outline of how to write a fight scene in third person. Stick to our recommendations and you will definitely come up with a terrific fight scene!

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