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With Christopher Nolan’s new film, The Dark Knight Rises, he completes the three panels he started in 2005 with Batman begins and continued in 2008 with The Dark Knight. The film is a superhero film produced in 2012 and directed by Christopher Nolan. With the new film, the audience a complete saga of their hero from childhood shock to impressive apotheosis. The audience gets to see how the character Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) who was a neurotic hermit converts himself into batman, the bane of evil and Gotham city redeemer. In essence the audience is able to understand the relationship between these two embodiments.

Genre: Action/Adventure

The Dark Knight features a myriad of themes including have vs. have-nots, terrorism, and more than two villains: Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). The film stars the Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy.

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Gotham City is seen to be at harmony eight years after the proceedings of The Dark Knight. Batman disappears during the Harvey Dent’s death night. Commissioner Gordon almost clears organized and violent crimes under the powers vested upon him by Dent Act, but feels guilty of covering up the crimes of Harvey Dent. At a celebration event for Dent, Gordon plans on disclosing the conspiracy but later feels it not the right time yet. Bane, a terrorist’s leader takes toll of his speech, and in the confusion he is shot and hospitalized. Gordon promoted Officer John Blake to detective and mandated him to report to him directly. In the mean time, Bruce Wayne was hiding in the Wayne Manor. Gordon and Blake, who had both inferred the identity of Batman, beseeched Bruce to come back as Batman.

Bane plans to attack Gotham’s stock exchange. He uses a stolen set of fingerprints belonging to Bruce and places several risky investments under his account. As a result, he declared Bruce bankrupt and forced him to surrender Wayne Enterprises. Bruce suspects that John Daggett, his business competitor had hired Bane to assist him take toll of the company. He entrusts Miranda Tate, a business woman to keep Daggett from fully controlling the company. Bane later kills Daggett. Bane is confronted by Batman in the sewers following a trail that had been left behind Selina Kyle. He says that he is fulfilling the destiny of Ra’s al Ghul. Bane discloses he was using the construction firms of Daggett to plan a robbery on Wayne enterprises. He robs of the arsenal of Batman prior crippling him and sending him to a prison where escape was impossible. Bane entices most of the police force of Gotham underground and sets explosions across the city and makes it isolated. He then releases the prisoners. The powerful and wealthy are evicted from their homes and tried over by Jonathan Crane.

Bruce is able to escape from Banes prison after retraining himself as Batman. After returning to Gotham, he was able to set free the city as he was able to prevent the bomb from exploding. He later confronts and tames Bane. However, Miranda stabs him. Miranda’s aim is to exact vengeance on behalf of her dead father by destroying Bruce and Gotham. Batman is successfully able to save the city by hauling the bomb past its limits and it explodes in the ocean.

The upshot reveals Batman being extolled of being a sacrificial superman. On the other hand, Bruce is considered to have died in the riot. Soon after, Lucius discovers that an autopilot had been fixed by Bruce on the Bat and this revealed that Batman was not in it during its explosion. Bruce and Selina are seen together by Alfred in Italy whilst his estate is shared.


The film composer entirely composed the musical thread that spans all through the trilogy for Wayne and Bruce. In the film, a common Moroccan mantra is featured. The song is the expression “Deshi Basara” meaning rising up.

Lighting and Color

The film has used various colors and lighting techniques which are intended to give meaning. One of the lighting techniques used is the sewer fight scene chiaroscuro lighting. It is employed in the battle scene, and in this shot, Bane is the main character of focus. All other things in the scene are fairly black and the main aim was to make the audience center on the central factor instead of concentrating on what is happening in the background. The film employs a continued art directionally that greatly depends on lighting. In order for the audience to see important features, the shots have been made to be of great depth. For instance, on a certain shot, the camera has focused on Ms. Kyle whilst she is putting on her pearl necklace. This means that the necklace is significant in the context. The use of art direction and lighting in the film assist in bringing out and strengthening the central theme. In itself, lighting was a fundamental theme and it has helped in expressing the idea of “rising from the darkness”.

The shots are lovely, elegant, and they are of great depth. Primary colors such as yellow have been used in order to bring out the theme well. For instance, yellow is deemed to be a color of warning and it has been employed to show that something bad would take place. The tone used is humorous and lighter and this is important as it helps in attracting the attention of the audience.

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