Spiderman Essay Sample

Does Spiderman Have Some Contributions To America?

Spiderman is one of the super heroes in America. His character was a marvel and did not spare any of his slings nor arrows. He had difficult times with his friends, employees, as well as his sweetheart. He had immense powers which enabled him to do exceptional things to people. It was ironical, though, that he did remarkably little to improve his life. Being a simple character, he has been able to attract millions of fans globally. He has not lost touch with the fans, and he is described as a friend from the neighborhood. This has enhanced the relationship of America with the entire world. This includes, but is not limited to trade, entertainment, as well as in improving information technology globally.
Spiderman has taken to himself the mission of fighting crime since 1962. What motivated him was the death of his uncle called Ben. He was motivated by guilt, but not revenge as it seemed. However, it was evident that he could not have stopped the death of such an action. Despite the efforts he put in place, he was greatly suspected by those in power. This is because the officers suspected him of being a criminal.

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Understanding Spiderman was not an easy task. This is because sometimes, he behaved like a joker; while at some other times he was a figure that is tragic. He greatly acknowledged the irony behind the predicaments he encountered. He was a trickster and no one realized that he was the one also referred to as Peter Parker. This tactic was greatly seen in his films. He was able to act in more than one form, which made his audience entertained. They could not understand how one person could possess different names. He acted both as Peter Parker and Spiderman. Different interpretations of him made people love his films. People wanted to watch all of them in an attempt to unravel the truth. In Africa, for example, he recorded much sale of his films. This is because people wanted to unravel the secret behind him expressing himself in more than one form.

In addition, his films were used in museums. This provided great entertainment to tourists. This significantly increased tourist’s attractions in those areas. This is because by then, there were few films of such a high caliber. Today, they form the part of the documentaries that are watched globally. This has made people respect America for being capable of producing such actors.

The Powers of Spiderman

The Senses of a Spiderman

Just like a spider does, Spiderman was capable of knowing whether or not someone is good or bad. Spiderman had enormous senses. These senses can detect/sense someone who is dangerous. The abilities possessed by Spiderman were incredible. He had power that amazed majority, the sense of uncanny. This sensation is tingling and usually originates from the back of the skull. It warns of danger. The danger could be something that could happen immediately. This can be as fast as a gunshot or retaliatory punch that is aimed at the head. The sense of the Spiderman may not exactly tell about the nature of the threat. It only tells which direction to go in order to avoid danger. This made America sense danger and act promptly.

Spiderman had a sense that could be compared to radar. He did not have worries on where he went or slept. This is because he had personal radar that directed him to safe places. He was able to avoid dangerous places. Despite being surrounded by his enemies, his senses made him escape from the enemies. It was very difficult to ambush the Spiderman. He had tracers that that could sense enemies that were far away. He was able to sense the direction of the threat. He reacted to troubles instinctively. This prevented trouble from escalating to the surrounding regions. This enhanced peace and stability in America. This would help America protect itself. In addition, it would act as a warning sign, so that some action were taken.

Wall Crawling

Spiderman possessed many attributes that enhanced his ability to survive. Another power of Spiderman that enabled him to survive in severe battles was the ability to cling. He clanged on surfaces and never fell down. This enhanced his survival when over powered by the enemies. The ability to cling by Spiderman was a mystery to many. Others said that he had super magnetic power. This magnetism enabled him to cling on surfaces. This is because there were attractive forces between the body and the surface molecules around. That made him able to cling on any surface. He just had to concentrate in order to bond with the surface. This was a conscious action unlike the ability to sense. Every part of the body had the ability to cling. His head, back, as well his toes were able to cling on the surfaces.

Strength and Agility

Because of Spiderman’s exceptional strength and energy, he could withstand radioactive waves from atomic bombs directed against him. In addition, he endured gun shots, as well as falling from high roof buildings. He was able to lift heavy objects. It is documented that the maximum weight was about ten tons. His strength made him have great speed, as well agility. Spiderman was able to kick heavy object in the process of protecting itself.

Web Slinging

Just as spider needs the webs, the Spiderman also needs it. The Spiderman decided to create a web for himself. He produced adhesives that he used in making the web. This was the agent of binding. Besides, he made web shooters so that he could fire all the times he had something to eat.

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Just like any other person, Spiderman had costumes. He used them for budding. It is believed that it is these costumes that contributed to his becoming a hero. He had no intention of getting involved in fighting crimes initially. He had great interests in business. For him to match well while in the stage and draw the attention of people, he needed a good outfit. Initially, he had a skin tight, pair of gloves, as well as boots. The boots were very important in protecting his legs during the battles. Since, in most incidences, he fled by running, the boots helped him in protecting his feet.

The boots and gloves of the Spiderman were made of thin material. This was to ensure that the costumes did not prevent him from clinging on the surfaces. The eye pieces were transparent. This ensured that he could see through them well. In addition, they protected his eyes from explosives in his endeavor to protect himself. The under arm was composed of a nylon that was netted. Under the shirt, Spiderman wore a belt that had signals similar to that of a spider.

The Alien Costume

Spiderman was important in American science. He was used in many explorations and journeys to the objects in space. He travelled to many satellites during scientific journeys. This made America one of the leading nations in the world in research and development. He was one of the astronauts that went to the objects in space to collect useful information. He went to satellite together with another hero called Beyonder. Beyonder wanted the Spiderman involved in the space war. The war was called the world battle. Spiderman was involved in many wars that aimed at protecting America. His clothes and costumes were torn off in the wars. He decided to come up with a machine that could be used to mend them. This further earned him more credit as far as innovation was concerned. This was among the contributions he made in the world as an American.

The design used by Spiderman in his costumes found applications in America and the entire world. They were the imitations that were used as safety clothes for those who rided motor during competitions. In addition, the head gears used in hockey to protect the head of the goal keeper were borrowed from the costumes of Spiderman. Thus, Spiderman revolutionized sports in America and the entire world. It was believed that America was among the first countries to develop such designs.

While in the satellite, Spiderman won many battles. This greatly improved the recognition of America as a super power. He defeated the villains and later escaped from the Beyonder. His alien costume helped him predict what he wanted. He realized he was capable of changing to suit the prevailing circumstances. He believed his alien costume made him remain energetic. That is why he never lost any of his battles. He remained energetic throughout the battles. Spiderman did not allow anyone to the alien costumes. This is because he believed that people could learn the reason behind his strength and supernatural powers. Before he could sleep, he kept the alien costume under his bedding. He was sure that no one could get access to them. When his alien clothes got old, Spiderman was also old. This made his super natural powers reduce significantly. He had to seek the interventions of other supernatural powers among his colleagues.

Reed Richards was of great help to Peter. This is because Spiderman had a bad nightmare and this meant that he needed a great counselor. Reed was that person. He had a great experience in handling issues. In addition, he was also a superpower and there were possibilities that he had encountered the same challenges. Despite Spiderman’s sleeping with his costumes so that he did not get tired, this did not help him. Reed recommended that the alien costumes should be replaced. His new costume was to be a living creature. This would ensure that he had maintained a physical and mental bond with the creature. Spiderman did not welcome the costume. He did everything not to get the costume. Reed was so assertive in that he almost convinced Spiderman.

Spiderman was committed to ensuring that he did not take the new costume. Reed was able to learn that Spiderman was vulnerable to some sounds of a given frequency. Reed applied the principles of waves to detect the sensitivity. Finally, Reed decided to separate the costumes from Spiderman. This had been a scheme by Richards Reed to do away with Spiderman. Spiderman was relieved. This led to the imprisonment of Reed.

The hatred between the Spiderman and Reed increased. This was brought about by the imprisonment of Reeds. Spiderman did not suspect that Reed could escape from Prison. Reed decided to look for ways of escaping from the prison, so as to attack the Spiderman. The senses of the Spiderman had greatly declined. He could not sense dangers, as he did before. In fact, people could not imagine that Spiderman was getting old.

Reed finally managed to escape from the prison. He decided to hide, so that nobody could see him. His major mission was to attack the Spiderman unknowingly. He attacked the Spiderman, who was in a state of desperation. Spiderman yelled pronouncing the name of God. He believed that God was the only person who could redeem him. Reed took the costumes he had given Spiderman. Spiderman had no option but to go back to his initial costumes. He later changed to black costumes. However, his strength and supernatural powers had diminished.

In summary, superpowers had a great role in ensuring that America becomes a super power. Scientific interventions in the satellites were because of the superpowers. This enabled the Americans engage in space wars. The most important war under the involvement of Peter, famously known Spiderman, was the defeating of Villains. Spiderman also contributed to the film industries by the actions. These were recorded and sold to the entire world. The revenue gained from the sale of the good contributed to enormous income of America. It is said that the distribution of his films are what made him famous. His actions were so unique and greatly entertained the audience. His techniques of acting have greatly been used in sports science. This has been useful in training people on body movements. These techniques have been borrowed and are being used by counters all over the world.

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