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Gun Control: Pros and Cons

People are entitled to have different opinions about the issues or policies affecting them. To prevent any deadlock, especially over the policies affecting the entire country, legislators need to reach an agreement partly favoring all parties. One of such controversial issues in the US is gun control. Thus, the society is divided into two groups […]

Feminism Literature

When it comes to English literature of the late XVIII, literary theories and feminism is one of the most debatable topics. In terms of ethical implications, old-fashioned lifestyle described in many English novels seems to be funny but dishonest. The one and only possibility for a girl or a woman to change her lifestyle in […]

Cyber Security

Terrorism is a problem that is of great concern to all people in every part of the world. Even though the attacks do not happen quite often, each attack leaves a trail of damage in terms of the number of casualties and the economic destabilization of the given nation. Unfortunately, terrorism, unlike petty crime or […]

Critique Essay

Nowadays, there is hardly any doubt as to whether the cotemporary world is globalized by nature. In fact, globalization has become such an integral part of the world that all individuals acknowledge its significance and influence no matter whether they suppose that this influence is positive or negative. However, in 2002 globalization was a relatively […]

China in Revolution

Introduction Of all the greatest empires that were present in the historical books, China is the only one still standing but of course as a modern-day nation. The country has a long and rich history dating to almost 4000 years with some of the traditions such as Chinese system of writing still being practiced today. […]

Buddhism and its Establishment in China

Introduction Having an extended period of adaptation in Chinese rich cultural traditions, Buddhism produced an enormous influence, which had been constituted as a totally new philosophical and religious outlook’s result. Gradually, this type of canon appeared to be the traditional Chinese culture’s inseparable part. This doctrine touches upon all the numerous and versatile aspects of […]

Art And Anthropocene: Utopia Versus Dystopia

People of all times tend to fantasize about and seek a better life. This desire came in many flavors throughout the history of humanity. It is tempting to interpret utopia as a guide to best possible life, however, it has somewhat a different meaning. According to Socrates, “After all, we never said those ideals could […]

Anubis’ Expression of the Theme of Love

The theme of love is a symbol which is expressed by the character Anubis in the story “Two Brothers” from the Longman Anthology of World Literature. Even though Anubis is not the protagonist in the story, he is surrounded by various aspects that signify his love for his wife, as well as that of his […]

Cross-Cultural History Exchanges

Trade and religion are examples of cross-cultural exchanges in world history. The two aspects represent the most significant inter-cultural exchanges because of their long-term effects and the critical roles they played in shaping history. It is necessary to understand the development of the two cross-cultural elements, how they have affected human life over time (importance), […]

Video Reflection

Film and Cinema
Communication is one of the most valuable elements in the contemporary world of business. Actually, it is necessary to pay attention to every aspect of personal communication patterns in order to evaluate its influence on the listeners’ ability to absorb information in an appropriate way. Communication patterns define human relations in every aspect of human […]

Travelling for Education is Better than for Shopping

People usually mean by travelling going from one site to another for diverse purposes, such as domestic needs, businesses, education, and shopping among others. Nevertheless, the most significant goal of this activity is to explore new cultures, traditions, as well as the life of diverse people in various countries all over the world. All these […]

Traditional Turkish Music

Abstract Traditional folk music is the main source of folklore. It is a product of thoughts and feelings of the people reflecting the momentous changes in history of the nation composed by individual singers. Traditional music is stored in people’s memory and greatly shows history of the nation. Traditional Turkish music is not an exception. […]

Theory of Human Caring

Development Dr. Jean Watson developed the Theory of Human Caring during 1975-1979. At the time, she was a faculty member at the University of Colorado. The theory emerged from Watson’s own views regarding nursing as well as her doctoral studies in social, clinical, and educational psychology. The development of the theory was Watson’s initial effort […]

The Success Of Pokémon Go

The success of a new venture in an industry depends on its suitability for the needs of the consumers. Before the introduction of a new service into the market, it is essential that efforts are made to conduct a comprehensive market research so that the particular need is identified. It would also be crucial to […]

The Battle of Sinai

Sinai Peninsula connects Africa with Asia, which is geographically part of it. Sinai is situated near the Red Sea and washed by the Gulf of Aqaba in the east and the Gulf of Suez in the west. This peninsula is considered one of the most amazing regions of Egypt. Nevertheless, it is mostly known for […]

Sufism and Spiritual Dancing

Abstract The main theme of this research project is the analysis of Sufi whirling. The work includes the discussion of its origin and general features. The topic has been chosen because it is relevant and interesting to explore. To complete the study, only scholarly resources in religious studies and theology have been utilized in order […]
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